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  1. add my discord (ash#2176) or click the link in my signature. I sell proxies with great rates and locations
  2. It could be the VPS. Try to run another script on the VPS and on your PC, try to see if the VPS is more delayed.
  3. hi add my discord: ash#2176 data center prices range from $2-3.5 each. residentials are $15 for one or $25 for two.
  4. $12 discord: ash#2176 or join my server using this link: https://discord.gg/t6WtMXH2
  5. a VPS is a virtual computer where you can run your bots/programs in without using resources from your actual computer a proxy allows you to use another ip address to mask your home ip address
  6. Let me know your rates. I can pay via PP, Crypto, Venmo, Cashapp discord: ash#2176
  7. Hey, yeah I am. I don't think I've received your message. I have your discord that we spoke together 2 years ago. Just messaged you there.
  8. Check out my thread here. I sell windows VPS for rs botting discord: ash#2176
  9. D Bolter

    Buying VIP

    add my discord: ash#2176 i can't add contacts but i can accept
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