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  1. jagex macro detection is pretty good tbh. wouldnt risk any account you dont want to lose
  2. yoo , how is the ban rates on this @Khaleesi?
  3. this is the way
  4. right!! them demmies won't know what'l hit them! choo choo motherfuckers
  6. its not the script but osbot has issues with break handler at the moment
  7. there was but its removed because people complained , it was basicly cheating
  8. yes lets say trump while biden has already won.
  9. more drugs more alcohol and more grinding
  10. I think this is still in testing phase with the beta and all that , so i might aswell report the following even it might not be your script at all When i was slaying on my account in zeah catacombs i noticed some slayer bots ran back and forth alot between black demons and nechs. there were like 3 accounts doing that
  11. if i remember correct there have been multiple games ( not vr ) in the past with options to buy pieces of plates / estate. some would be for their clan and be worth 10s of thousends of dollars. take a look at below vid for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUNRl3kAATk
  12. todays market going for a tad more just saying
  13. let the games begin
  14. Rick


    and they added some requirements now to participate
  15. rs3 bots work perfectly fine , what do you mean ?? anyway i dont bot so idc
  16. not sure if it was manually but anywy your bound to be banned on account with a history of bans ( even if squashed )
  17. maybe accidentally lol , it was never meant to . its meant to hook with the oldschool runescape client , what do you mean it should work tho
  18. ooo sick nice release !!! anyway to acces the beta ?
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