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  1. @Malmo Has been banned. He clearly doesn't wish to explain himself and see's this as a joke. If he wishes to return he needs to reimburse the user @Tka619 543m. Sorry for your loss.
  2. @Malmo You have 24 hours to respond & explain. User has been placed in DNT/TWC Can you also provide the discord UID & Discord Username for the discord account you've traded with. See here for more information: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/162999-discord-verification-thread/?tab=comments#comment-2232610
  3. You’ll never be allowed back in the discord till you admit that this account is the most superior pure you’ve ever seen
  4. You're entitle to your opinion however, these are the stats I've managed to gain through using mirror mode for my pure. It's all down to how you play and if the scripts are at fault, the script writers would be more than happy to assist you if they're failing when they shouldn't be. You can do this by sending them the logger report and also detailing any problems you've encountered. See the screenshot for the progress I've managed to make so far: https://gyazo.com/4dc4ea8d2a54f6493925310f49a7f1e7
  5. There is a problem with the servers for the client and download function currently. It’ll be sorted as soon as possible.
  6. It appears that the issues seemed to be resolved as of 8/1/2021 however are still occuring. I would recommend everyone to wait for further comfirmation about the issue rather than creating unnecessary threads. Especially if you're in the discord channel, most of you would have already seen we're awaiting an update for this matter.
  7. Space

    need firecape

    @FratemRunescape Services got me 2. Fair priced and reliable
  8. I assume you've also pressed the refresh button and searched for the file?
  9. Have you exported it as a .jar file and saved it to C:\Users\YOUR NAME\OSBot\Scripts"
  10. I'm not sure because if it can't break due to being in combat then to me the script would continue because the break handler isn't able to activate. I'm not a scripter so I would need someone to verify if this is the case but I've experienced this in the past with a wintertotd script that used osbots break handler and it couldn't break because the player was taking damage from the WT
  11. Is this because you're in combat as it wont be able to break if you are. does the script not have it's own break handler to use?
  12. Have you joined the discord server? We will be able to help you better and faster over there
  13. You can enable breaks by clicking the timer icon on the osbot client on the right hand side, clicking "enable breaks">"Add" and creating your custom runtime, randomness and break length from there. Some scripts do have their own break handlers built into them as well, if this is the case, the script should override the osbot break handler.
  14. @Dbuffed is selling what you're looking for
  15. Completed a design for me, nice guy, fast & patient, Thanks
  16. Make me something funky, animated with space/galaxies/planets related w/my name somewhere
  17. Happy new year all
  18. wrong section and even so your UID doesn't match your username
  19. All scripts on the repo are up to date and regularly updated. I have personally used a few of these scripts recently so I can verify they're working. Lets try and determine what the problem is though. If you go onto the logger (see the screenshot): https://gyazo.com/0b6810bddf18289f3fc31d7a92711cd8 Once you open that you'll see a lot of text. you can save it to a notepad by pressing the save icon and then messaging the script authors to see if they can determine the problem. I would make sure you've set the scripts up correctly as sometimes selecting an option can cause the script to go haywir
  20. Have you opened the vanilla client completely prior to attempting to launch mirror mode?
  21. User @affluentshas been banned, if he wishes to return he will need to reimburse the amount of 4.5m to @7hasheen. Sorry for this, regardless of the amount, it wont be tollerated on this site.
  22. Are you using a proxy? If so it might be preventing you connecting to the server if it isn’t set up correctly
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