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$1000.00 in OSBot Credit Holiday Giveaway [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]


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I hope each one of you had a great holiday season. I am sorry for the delay, I had a few family issues come up and then holidays.

Below are the winners + amounts. I used random number generator for each winner.

$10.00 Winners ALL USERS


@Jack Sparrow @Lost Panda @polly123 @scrubkin2013 @Jay Williams @FushigiBot @The Operator@KoppK @aeikonic@Tom@natever@Seth758@Spooney@Faust@fagman123@Condrioid@ilikedabot@Botislife@clottr@adumon@Addz125@Vitanet@Swisher Sweets@Tmashi1999@Zezurge@Bot Farms@Album@Tater@foxfall@ikos9@forresjord@14k@skang@Space@psychicguy89

$20.00 ALL USERS

@micabigg @LodMron@Botislife@lokaloka@mariokiller64

$50.00 ALL USERS




VIP +  I went ahead and modified it to 10 $25.00 entries and 5 $50.00 entries.

VIP+ $25.00

@JohnTheGuru@zoooted@Charlotte@devildogcharlie@kirbybot@3rd@Czar@Satan@Bot Farms@Muffins


@pooploop123 CZAR has had me re roll to give someone else his credit and you won $25.00!!


VIP + $50.00




Thanks, all the credit should be applied. If it isn't for some reason, please PM ME.

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