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  1. The only stats that are different are zulrah related so 86 magic/80 range/75 defence. Everything else is quest requirements levels reached. P. S. No bans. Everything hand leveled if that changes anything.
  2. Hey, Was wondering, how much does a fully quested (Quest cape) account is worth, stats = quest cape account requirement stats pretty much (You can google it) P. S. I know I don't have enough posts yet to sell the account
  3. As the title says, would like to buy a zulrah ready acc (With no previous bans).
  4. A quick but really anoying fix for this (if you want to pick up loot) is to enter the loot manually and do not tick the "loot over: xxx value" option, then it loots everything you added to the list and never gets stuck. Anoying to add in the items though, but if you're doing slayer you can save the presets and load them later on if the task repeats
  5. right here http://prntscr.com/kk5fz9
  6. Can confirm this too, only occurs while having the loot option enabled, did some tasks with it disabled and it never gets stuck
  7. Any idea when the loot over x value will work again? Been nearly a month since it broke down and stoped working
  8. Any idea when looting above certain value will work properly again?
  9. Don't want to repeat what @Eagle Scripts already said, but the script works perfectly fine with all the locations and traveling methods for me. Just sit down for 10 minutes and figure out the way to actually set it up, it's not like it's rocket science ^^
  10. Bought the script, no need for the trial anymore
  11. I did that too, but even that started going downhill and not looting my drops eventually for some odd reason.
  12. Is it just me or is it not picking up loot lately when I mark it to loot everything over 5000gp value for example?
  13. Will not find the picture but the duel arena one had 1.9b so I think that one was the highest one? P. S. Didn't notice the plat in the other picture that got posted, had to be the biggest one with the 1655k plat.
  14. Would love a trial for this, thanks in advance!
  15. And that's where you fail to realize how twitch works, the more popular a game/category is, the harder it is to get into it. Gaining an audience in a game that has a s**t load of people already streaming it is way harder then streaming a game that has less people streaming it. For example getting more viewers in Runescape category would be easier then in fortnite.
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