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  1. Tom


    Should be pretty solid if you dont run it 24/7
  2. Tom


    It'l try to TP with a ring of dueling, thats about it.
  3. Tom


    No worries, ill get Token to fix that up
  4. Tom


    It does not currently, its on my todo list but I've been pretty busy lately to add new features
  5. Tom


    Still a problem?
  6. Tom


    Added What were your speed settings? Mirror mode on or off?
  7. Tom


    12 hours starts now
  8. Tom


    Was a cannon tile set with the hotkey? Placing down a cannon without setting the tile wont work. Miss clicks are weird though, its not really something I have control over
  9. Tom


    Open the logger, it should tell you if you are missing anything
  10. Tom


    Thanks for the screenshots. Just to confirm when you were banking, are you expecting it to only deposit and not withdraw anything? This is how it is setup in your screenshots. If you want it to withdraw stuff, it has to be on the list to the right. Best way to do this is to set up your inventory and then click 'Copy Inventory' I also noticed it wasnt setup to eat food in this screenshot You need to tick 'Eat Food?' if you didn't. This might be why it died at barbarians The cannon definitely shouldn't behave like that, was there any message in chat saying the cannon broke or is empty? Last I tested cannon it was working fine
  11. Tom


    Area selection will definitely help with this. If the red squares are still visible, you can press the hotkey to end area selection which is F2 I think. I find it strange that banking doesnt work anymore for stronghold, could you provide some logger output when it is meant to bank?
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