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  1. User has been refunded, @Pain has been unbanned. Glad everything worked out, closed.
  2. Dispute reopened, pain should be repaying boozer by tomorrow, will be updated.
  3. Think seen people sell them for 4-4.5m before or so
  4. Glad to hear everything is resolved, closed.
  5. @Chicks Has 48 hours to refund you the original payment + 100m for the stats you got on the account. Failing to do so will result in a ban.
  6. @boozerpost the discord dms aswell, basically everything you got
  7. Then before calling them names/scammers ect, did you even try to ask them to help you get it back? Just be patient, since the way how the password change ect and you mentioning there refund policy after a month of purchase is fishy. Let me know what happens with the recovery.
  8. It does not happen, you cant change password without changing email unless you got email access, since you created it you're the only one with access on it, that alone is so fishy It looks to me you got bored of it and just want a refund
  9. @geoffrey456 before accepting this dispute, can you explain to me how can someone change the password of the account without changing the email which was to linked to you, not once but twice? From what im seeing its a fault of your email security, you changed the accounts email and somehow the password changed and its still linked to your email I really cant get my head through this one.
  10. Feedback removed since its not valid, no proof of any trade happened @Steven JayPlease pm me any proof you got that a trade happened and malcolm refusing to work on it, all i can see is that he did not reply to your script request and you just got pissed off and left a negative feedback.
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