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  1. can it have a botting minor?
  2. Hey I am looking for someone to do 1-55 slayer for an obby pure on a fresh account. Please give me your price.
  3. I could do 2 accounts at once 15m each.
  4. Seth758


    Id say $400 USD
  5. Seth758


    Back at it again with them white vans!
  6. Kindof glad I wasn't home would have got myself in trouble lol. Yeah man that is a good question. But I am sure that all that would be gone in the roll back.
  7. I agree, but what about people that bought bonds and swapped there gold to rs3? I bet some swapping clans got raped.
  8. So is the price of gold gunna drop now that everyone was getting max cash stacks today? What do you guys think will happen?
  9. Got most of attack from quest so Can be turned into member pure in future if wanted. https://gyazo.com/29a8d26bde7a1706a6401a33e76d7bd1
  10. Selling 65m $0.70/m Paypal
  11. 150m 3-4 weeks +supplies Skype: Seth.758
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