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  1. Could you add a check if it is standing on top of the "bank" at ZMI and get it to move? If it goes on top it just spins the camera around and never tries to move or interact with the bank. Definitely something that will get accounts banned. Tile location is 3013, 5625...
  2. Just thought I'd make a thread and mention it. Never tried stealth mode since I don't use that feature, but if I have ToS open I can't launch OSBot lol
  3. aeikonic

    Stealth Quester

    Yep, just adding on here even though I see it's been mentioned. X Marks the Spot is definitely bugged
  4. Anything is possible, but it's very unlikely.
  5. Just wondering how you guys test your scripts while writing them... do you do it just on your regular PC without proxy or anything or do you do it like in a VM with proxy enabled? By testing I just mean getting something up and running like a minimum viable script code before any refactoring. Just curious what most people do
  6. Oh, it's set up to withdraw the perfect amount of gold to buy 28 boots for maximum efficiency.
  7. Has 31QP, do the specific quests affect the value? They're all pretty basic. Stuff like Hazel Cult and Death Plateau.
  8. That is interesting, how do you think they knew?
  9. 43 Pray. 30's thieving, mining, cooking, fishing, crafting, woodcutting, agility, and firemaking as well.
  10. Got a strange suggestion for ZMI. Could implement an "AFK" mode where it follows a random user in an area then mouses out until it's near the altar.
  11. Just wondering what 70ATK, 99STR, 70DEF would go for?
  12. Not sure what happened, but woke up from a nap while running ZMI and it was standing on top of the bank moving the camera back and forth. Not sure how long it was doing that, but I watched it for 2 minutes to see if it would fix and it didn't so I shut it off.
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