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  1. Could I give this a try? What makes this different than fruity’s? In the market to purchase an NMZ bot, fruity doesn’t offer a trial, but I seen some posts about the rock cakes not working for his. Would love to give yours a try before I purchase if possible
  2. Could you reinstate my trial? We spoke via discord. I got to use it briefly, it was flawless
  3. Hey Khal, wondering if I could try out the Agility script? Looking forward to seeing how it works. You think I could get away running it from 51-56 in one go @ canifis? Using proxifier & mirror mode? Or do you think I should run it mirror mode without a proxy since this mains never been logged on a proxy? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I’ve been using it on and off since you gave me the trial, and I have to admit - it’s been great, the only issue I’m having is it randomly walks me from the “Rock Crabs Location D” south in front of the cooking range building, then walks me back to location D to continue fighting crabs. I’m not sure what the timer is on it, but it does do it frequently. I couldn’t figure out how to edit it either. I’ve been sticking to regular mode, because when I do progressive mode it clicks on my Camelot tab and walks to the bank, dumps everything and sits there. The walking back and forth doesn’t bother me too much because it’s close and I’m still getting good xp (15-18k/hr), but the xp would be quite a bit higher if it didn’t walk back and forth so frequently. I’m new to all of this though, so I will admit it could be an issue of user error, but I can’t find a way to edit this. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for an awesome script!
  5. thank you soooo much, i'm pumped!
  6. Awesome! Could i give it a try?
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