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  1. Wanted to see how much my pure would be worth, @Sibbernskiis the OO
  2. Just use a auto clicker and high alch, you should be fine.. I've auto clicked alched to 99 on all my accounts with no problems
  3. I honestly believe more tests should be done before making people get vaccinated. A bunch of medical field workers basically got fired because they refused to get the vaccinated where I'm from. I think it's really sad forcing people to get the vaccine.
  4. Just use someone that's really trusted for the services you may want. @Lost Pandais really good
  5. Looks really cool, goodluck man
  6. If you're the original owner of the account, I don't think u should have any problems recovering your account back. Hate that happened to you
  7. Anything is possible but eventually you might get banned. Happened to me once
  8. Yes he is trusted
  9. This looks really cool, can't wait for the updates
  10. I would personally just stop botting on the account unless you don't care to much about it.
  11. I honestly feel like if Brady don't retire he might be able to pull it off again. I agree Brady is the GOAT, would love to see him do it again. On top of it all Mike Evans is from my home town
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