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  1. Really hard to sell an account like this with 0 feedback and so less postcount. You need 100 post count at the end to be able to sell accounts on here. My bet would be 90m (for sure -- if trusted --) but keeping it around this mark as it will be hard to sell this type of account with no quests. 70M sadly enough at the end I would put starting bids at.
  2. Too ez right? The story was kinda alright, but too short and easy to complete.
  3. adumon

    First 99

    Well done, congratulations!
  4. adumon


    An other Zach on here, best of luck and let the best Zach win hehe.
  5. What is the current best way to get 99 melee stats in nmz? (afk/semi afk) I'm currently doing full obsidian with abs and overloads. Not sure if I should go with a whip and bandos for example since I want to get 95-99's in atk, str and def. Is Obsidian the way to go, or is whip better with shared exp or any other shared exp weapon and other gear? How does that work?
  6. 30m? Not sure what the current fire cape prices are but with prayer it's nothing fancy if you ask me.
  7. adumon

    50 atk pc

    For sure around the 150M mark if anyone is really looking for this kind of account.
  8. Current bid: €140 - Letting this go next week if the offers are right!
  9. Up if you want to discuss the price for this!
  10. Should be around 500M-650M for sure with the infernal on it as wel. But bloody hell good luck on finding a buyer to trust you for this beauty!
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