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  1. I just hope the forums stays up and becomes a bit more active. Feels like it's in a huge dip.
  2. Botters get banned, unlucky bro. It's the risk of the job hé!
  3. 120-150 EUR? The infernal can add up the price a bit as this account can be used to pk with.
  4. Do you take bank transfer (Belgium)?
  5. I worked with Tax in the past, without any problems.
  6. 2 def :(, 80-110 EUR? Depending on items on the account?
  7. Man out here doing great work.
  8. Overloads & Absorptions are perfect, how many points do you have? Stats? Gear?
  9. Respond on the requested scripts posts on here and they might contact you.
  10. Def worth over 100+ with the prayer and cape. But atm zerk content with this account is dying. So it's a nice account for sure, but more like to flex I guess? $120
  11. Hard one, I would say a 40 dollar?
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