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  1. Looking for some zulrah accounts. 80-85 mage and range and high Defence. Lmk prices or pm.
  2. Could always use some new knowledge.
  3. In my experience, F2P does have higher bans.
  4. Haven't used this script for awhile but loved it when i used it. Very excited for monkey madness.
  5. It happens, just keep going.
  6. More bots on one ip are more likely going to get flagged and banned. Try to use an individual proxy for each account
  7. Selling 300m osrs Please pm. prices or post below. WILL use MM if untrusted.
  8. Some kids at the library were playing private servers of it and then I did some research and found the real game.
  9. Every Thursday is update day for OSRS. It's gonna mess with osbot for a little bit for a quick fix is put up.
  10. The og days of pure essence and flax
  11. Ran it and it works great. Would love to see that custom username option soon! Maybe take random names from a list and have two different words plus a number.
  12. I actually let a f2p bot run for 12 hours yesterday on chickens and it actually survived.
  13. i love how they are friendly and like to communicate.
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