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  1. How come I keep getting banned still????? Ty for update!
  2. Strange. I haven't received any bans so far using this along with other scripts with 10+ accounts in the past week. Must be a IP issue?
  3. Quick question, Got to crocodiles as a task, I don't see anywhere to bring water skins as it was attempting to go out into the desert without the skins. Is this possible somewhere?
  4. I'll go ahead and take that trial now! Thanks!
  5. Could I get a free trial? Thanks in advance! Edit: Actually nvm, will be out of town this weekend, will post again when I get back
  6. I've just heard bad things about bottinghub as well. I think I heard osbot is coming up with something (can't remember). Best thing I can think of is using CLI and finding someone to make an automated muling script along with scripts with built in muling.
  7. Could I also have a trial?
  8. Hello, need quite a few services for one account. sins of the father questline starting from in search of the myreque. 9-60 fletching 36-52 crafting 50-52 agility 41-50 slayer. Thanks
  9. Just curious if you are adding more quests. More than happy to try and provide accounts if needed.
  10. Would like a trial. Thanks!
  11. Can do pp? If so, will message you on discord tomorrow and use middleman if possible!
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