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  1. Done trials activated enjoy. Yes the npc name for curse alch is fine, just be sure to choose a good place to curse alch
  2. private CombatManager cm = new CombatManager(myPlayer(), gearNames, lummyCows, lootables); this needs to be: private CombatManage cm; and then in onLoop, you can do: if (cm == null && myPlayer() != null) { // once player exists, and if cm isn't instantiated, create one. cm = new CombatManager(myPlayer(), gearNames, lummyCows, lootables); } This can also be done in onStart but the player may either be logged out while the script is running and maybe not everything has been initialised just yet so it's better in onloop. If anyone has any recommendations or anything
  3. Done trials activated good luck!
  4. Show us the main script's code, or just onStart/onLoop so we know everything's fine there. It could be an unhandled exception try wrapping your onStart and onLoops around a [try for] catch and log any issues that arise.
  5. Will be releasing v136.0 which should be even better today. Trials activated enjoy! Added proggy to main thread good job please bot responsibly
  6. @williamrg3temp or perm ban? If perm then don't forget to appeal the ban though it could take up to a week or two to get unbanned. Was it a main or a worker account? I highly recommend farming with workers and not mains, unless you're doing gold bars with goldsmithing gauntlets then I recommend keeping botting hours low, and botting in a non-358 world (that world is the go-to for all bots) and is a bit riskier than the others. If it was a worker then it should be banned later, unless you started botting before the weekend? I usually set up my bots on friday night and stop them just before mond
  7. Done enjoy sir Bear in mind there's an update coming for v114.0 regarding questing and GE, please buy Camelot teleport tabs manually if you're planning on questing until the update goes live.
  8. @lukerobbo95 Yes and yes staminas for questing is a huge request that i've seen, as well as buying staminas before questing and buying ore (for blast furnace later) before questing. I recommend waiting for v114.0 if you wanna start new accs, or for a temporary solution to buy camelot tabs manually before enabling the bot (just until we see the new version go live). All of these features will be in v114.0 today Also have you had any issues with teleporting to and from GE anymore? Regarding the [we've visited before...] logger mentioned a couple days back? In any case I'll get back to cod
  9. EDIT: Amulet of chemistry seems to be working, which option are you using for herblore? Please confirm so I can help/update Lemme know your setup so I can test/debug asap
  10. Looking good, please update us on your progress. Any hiccups or deaths/near misses while doing Knights' sword? As for the initial buying part I've found something which needs updating, should be available in today's major version update (v114.0). If you guys notice anything else lemme know! I haven't seen the accounts dying yet but I'm investigating how (& where) the player could have died. If anything I hope it's not related to memory/fps/network.
  11. Done enjoy. Blast furnace is getting an update for questing since something changed recently in the game and needs a tweak.
  12. @Djbots@lukerobbo95 Will take a look at the quests now, something must have changed/updated in the last RS update, it should be an easy fix xD For muling not yet but it's in progress. We only have GE restocking for now which requires varrock teleports to teleport to Varrock -> GE. For questing if it's dying, can you two confirm that your inventories look similar to this: I'll make a new acc now and test the whole questing and update it. Update coming ASAP.
  13. done enjoy! Wintertodt is beta atm which will be going back to store soon, so gave you extended auth. lemme know what you think - I urge you to give as harsh feedback/constructive criticism as possible
  14. Czar

    Perfect Wintertodt

    Still no pets here Thanks guys for all the feedback and help, you've been amazing so far. Update v2.0 should now be live you should be seeing a different and more clear setup window now, including a few new options. Will be posting v2.1 shortly with some behaviours/actions smoothened even more, such as keeping the mouse hovering over the brazier (without moving it every X ms), double-eating if necessary (with correct timers), improved pyromancer reactions/healing. You should also be noticing re-lighting and repairing working better - I recommend enabling [Repair if nearby] and [Re-light
  15. If using GE restocking we gotta let it run its cycle, so once no ores are detected (while at BF) it will go to GE and buy them as you described. I'm working on making it buy ores without visiting the minigame since it's a bit confusing why it should stay at the GE For the [we've visited...] error will take a look now, it may require to be updated since the last version, will do that now! EDIT: Posted release v113.1, will automatically go live within a couple hours.
  16. Czar

    Perfect Agility

    Thanks will have this updated ASAP
  17. Done, changed that too. Seems to be written as just Topaz in the fletcher code (perhaps for the bolts or something), should be working better in the new update coming automatically. Thx for your help!
  18. Check mirror mode settings if you've overriden the fps or the reaction timer. For some skills that don't require intense checks (e.g. fishing/woodcutting) you could easily get away with higher reaction time (and increase performance slightly). Fps IMO should be fixed at 50, reaction time make your own judgement, the higher the slower the script performs, the lower the more responsive the script performs. Sorry if I sounded confusing xD
  19. Sorry for delay for GE restocking feature, i'm still working on it. Should be out as soon as it's 100% stable and bulletproof. Will also feature a price-setting button which will be displayed in the crafter too. @UkBenH make sure to set the correct amount of bars in the setup, shouldn't be above 28. remember it's for how many bars/ore to take with you to the trip xD Coal bag - will check this out too now Trials activated enjoy, will extend these trials when GE is released so you can all try again
  20. Czar

    Perfect Agility

    Will take a look now, does client restart solve it? Also is that 2 botting tabs? Hmm and where exactly did the bot idle? On the ground or on a rooftop?
  21. Custom bag limit, hmm it's not supported fully just yet (did you add the correct amount of multi ore in the setup?) it could work but we've never fully tested/designed it for the bag unlock. With that being said I'll work on adding it in future updates, I just need the nuggets to unlock it xD @Johndeere19 For mirror mode and responsiveness, it helps to reduce the reaction timer to 100ms. It works in both stealth and mirror, however we must take into account the latency, I'll be adding an update so it forces to 100ms, you'll all see better results. Trials activated enjoy! Just po
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