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  1. Done authed enjoy New Update (v80.0) - Grand Exchange restocking improved -- Now uses same code as my blast furnace bot, works way better -- Now correctly sells items before buying (if selected) More on the way, just had to release this patch while it was in progress. Enjoy! Update will automatically go live within a couple hours.
  2. Be careful where you bot and for how long, it makes a huge difference. Which location did you bot at @RobijntjePowerI've noticed that changing the botting area eliminates profiling, so if we bot at lumbridge vs zeah there's a huge huge difference. I haven't been banned yet in zeah or fossil island mining, but then again I also don't bot for more than 2 hrs per session (followed by a break). It may appear low but I just want to play it safe, a lot of users bot for longer hours but I prefer long-term botting over short-term botting.
  3. Czar

    Perfect Wintertodt

    Authed, thank you for the help. We just need some feedback and a thumbs up/down, short message to Token (staff) and it's good. Let me know when you test it so I can reward you to show my gratitude.
  4. My bad gave you double trial time enjoy sir, lemme know if you wanna try out any other scripts
  5. It should be started from the beginning ideally, otherwise it will just try to go to locked areas. I’ll add a safety prevention for the tunnel and a couple patches to let it run from anywhere/any quest progress. EDIT: apologies i double posted in discord, i highly recommend enabling the tab buying option unless you’re doing f2p preparations and can’t use tabs
  6. Very good work there, also had a lot of fellow SF'ers teasing that a new feature was coming, very well worth the wait
  7. Teleport + Alch together is not supported, only teleporting alone and alching alone (and stun-alching ofc), but I will consider this, just please be careful because teleporting in general is one of the riskiest methods to bot (generally speaking) and from what I've noticed. Bankstanders are the best, it's best to cast spells at the bank safely while blending in rather than being out in public and open to people talking to you/reporting etc. I am always for adding new features though so this will be on the future updates list
  8. Done enjoy, please bot responsibly Also guys, we've been doing a lot of coding and updates recently for this. Have a whole doc file of To-do/feature requests/suggestions which are being tackled systematically, you should notice a lot more version changes automatically.
  9. Authed you both, enjoy! Lemme know if you need more trial time. For ban rates it's totally dependent on where you bot. Avoid lumbridge/al-kharid like the plague, and f2p varrock east/west too. With p2p you should be more than fine, and I recommend Zeah all the way. I don't usually bot without breaks nowadays but if I were to bot without breaks I'd definitely choose zeah since it's not populated and is super safe.
  10. @ProjectPact's script factory will do everything basically, literally triggered all of us oldschool scripters Aside from that, the better question to be asking is which methods are lowest ban rate and not which skills/scripts
  11. Czar

    Perfect Thiever

    That is insane Keep it up dude hopefully my new main gets there too xD
  12. Sand buckets are supported yes but it requires some extra setup, you need to select which rocks to mine when the script prompts it, aside from that you can either choose to cast humidify and re-fill the waterskins, or un-note waterskins at bandit store (Note: the bandit store method has only been tested by a handful of users).
  13. Czar

    Perfect Agility

    Legend! Thank you for the support
  14. We need a couple testers to test the zeah methods (blood & soul) runecrafting, as well as wrath runecrafting. Either pm me or join our discord to help! NOTE: These methods are not officially supported by this script.
  15. Got it thanks =) One of the updates also just went live guys, more features, improvements and patches are coming as usual
  16. Authed enjoy there is an update pending so if you wish to use ge restocking try not to have too much gp (10m+) otherwise it may hit the limit.
  17. GE Replenishment is fully coded, I will need 1-2 testers to help me identify issues before I can release publicly. Pm me or join discord for more information.
  18. Hardware mouse is good, just be careful if using scripts that require mouse movement (e.g. to setup/customise settings) otherwise the script will stop as soon as you manually move your mouse
  19. New Update (v140.0) - Added option for buying coal bag if you have 100 nuggets (BETA) please use this option at your own risk, has only been tested a couple times. - Added another update for sack collection - Behavioural changes affecting walking, speed, and banking - API Change: the script now accommodates the new timeUntilNextBreak function More updates to come, just wanted to release these while they are finished Let me know how it goes, if you guys notice anything please show me the console logs for quicker updates Doing another test run with this one and the blast furnac
  20. New Update (v135.0) - Added more restocking functionality - GE transport is now optional, can either choose varrock teleports or the default tunnel system. - No longer buys more than 13k ore (GE limit), completely depends on coal (so 13k coal limit, and whatever the primary ore counterpart will be) - Added stability improvements, especially for coal bag - Added option to wait 4 hrs until bars buy if the GE limit is hit. In the next update after this one, I'll be adding another couple options, but they will have a (BETA) warning on them. So ultimately there will be some handle
  21. @t37c Atm there's no way to actually use mouse offscreen combined with hover next rock, since hover requires the mouse to stay on screen whereas mouse offscreen option will drag the mouse outside continuously, I will disable the combination of these in the next version. Does it work better with hover off? In the meantime I'll run some tests there and post another update. Also which resolution are you using? It shouldn't be hovering the tile under the player, that seems like something is being detected incorrectly, should be easy fix. If you have any errors in the console logger lemme know I'll
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