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  1. Trial activated it should be in the client good luck sir
  2. I will take a look at this now EDIT: And any issues in other furnaces e.g. edgeville? I will see if the location is causing issues so I can fix both.
  3. I'll head over there and take a look then post a code update @StarCraftSniper managed to get it to work better? Also have been working on some nice fish + cook plugins so you guys should be seeing a new plugin in the next version.
  4. I don't think it's possible since I think Camaro released a standalone Giant Mole Killer script and it'd interfere with market rules Thank you sir you are a legend Much respect. I hope you made some epic gains so far Also guys just posted a small update for .4 of the bot, more to come!
  5. Yes we will be adding chop and burn, unless it breaks the script market rules. I will auth you as soon as it's added
  6. Done enjoy sir EDIT: Also guys - new update just posted, it will automatically go live within a couple hours. - Now fills coal bag directly from the bank (optional) - Now drinks stamina while bank is open - Now auto-hops to 358 if you haven't activated pump mode and you're in the wrong world. Next update will be the Keldagrim Cart System update which should eliminate the need for varrock teleport tabs when restocking at GE.
  7. There is one Ultimate Muler by Malcolm My mistake, that is not released yet until more scripters test it. We don't have muling yet in this blast furnace bot (proprietary muling in the standalone blast furnace script, no other scripts). But I am trying some stuff out and seeing how it goes ^^
  8. Good job @Patrick as usual. Also did this update's webwalker handle the soul wars portal? I can't seem to walk from the west side of barb -> edgeville bank maybe the portal is in the way or something
  9. Czar

    Perfect Thiever

    2-3 hours a day yeah - if that's the only thing you're botting for the entire day then you're playing it safe yes. But if switching it up then I can't say for sure until I know what else you're botting. If you're ever unsure about botting, what I like to do is have like a side account which does all the testing/botting and seeing if that account gets banned - if not then i'll do it on my main/more valued accounts. Just don't do multi-log botting that's super risky unless you know what you're doing with proxies etc. Generally with p2p accounts if you get banned after low botting hours you'll ge
  10. Any errors in console log? Please copy/paste here I will help Also does it work better if you start the script at cows, add npc via nearby (not by typing name) and then activating banking, select [bank when loot full], add [cowhide] to loot item tab and then start. If you want to fight a specific area of cows it's useful to hit F7 to draw a fight box (completely optional) please let me know how this works, I will link a good cows profile for you to use if you'd like? Breaks are way too low, also try mirror mode since you're VIP, break at least 2 hours, try bot in a non-popular area (
  11. Done enjoy Don't forget to try out the GE restocking feature We're working on an interface to handle custom prices in the meantime
  12. Czar

    Perfect Thiever

    The way I'm doing it is men to 5, tea stall to 38 (I don't have fruit stalls unlocked, I only did 30 min botting sessions there followed by 2 hour breaks), master farmer to 55 (1 hour botting sessions, too many players around for me to feel safe so I did 1 hour runs) then with ardy knights in a populated world they seem to lure the ardy knight near the bank and so i'm currently doing those - I'm going for 99 right here. I don't have 50 agil on my new account so I don't have the rogue set nor the ardy cape, but I am using dodgy necklaces ^^ I'm doing it the slow way because I want to avoid ban
  13. I'll lower the frequency or remove that completely, I wanted to improve banrate and make it a bit more humanlike by spam clicking it, will release an update today for v57.0 ^^ EDIT: Update posted, should automatically go live within 24 hours
  14. New release coming in the next couple days, found some thing which improve the ban rate too which is nice. I've been doing a lot of ring enchanting lately since it's decent profit, all while testing various new anti-ban settings and new behaviours (such as opening tabs via hotkeys, mouse offscreen, bank-all with placeholders) etc
  15. Czar

    Perfect Agility

    Not yet but I recommend not alching/fletching while doing agility since it will increase the interactions per hour and could be risky (I may be wrong but this does make sense to me)
  16. Czar

    Perfect Thiever

    Not yet but we would love to have it in the script. The main thing that needs to be coded is the luring part so the bot can find npcs, lure them to position then start blackjacking. Atm it's not viable but maybe in the future. But regardless, with ardy knights and no cape I'm getting ~70k xp/hr already reached 70 thieving going for 99 I'm currently doing a botting series on youtube and so far so good ^^ Trials enabled gl guys
  17. Unlucky man, please check your botting strategy. I'm on 95 fishing atm I'll be posting a video of hitting 99 hopefully within a week. Script says I'll be 99 in around 90 hours of botting and I'm only doing like 6-8 hours a day spread out between massive breaks.
  18. Enjoy Bonds seem to be cheap nowadays so should be easier to bot too
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