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  1. Update is now live lmk how it goes @duxryl enjoy @Miloniactivated you should now see the bot in your list, gl sir
  2. Done please bot responsibly this is a really big moneymaker but the method is also highly botted and risky for some people.
  3. Done authed gl enjoy! You should now see the bot in your list Pouch grabber will be coming, along with 2 other features which I have been testing for release here Also some nice proggies, double nats OP
  4. Czar

    Perfect Agility AIO

    Ty for letting me know I'll add a patch there ASAP. I will also be adding Shantay pass handler for seers -> polly upgrading, almost done Appreciate the feedback always, ty again
  5. Czar

    Perfect Wintertodt

    Amazing results, just so everyone knows - that was 8 accounts level 99 in one sitting, that's what you call pure skill huge shoutout was done through BH Manager
  6. Client can't do this just atm, so we scripters gotta add it to our scripts manually. Atm working on adding it to mine 1-by-1
  7. Thanks!! I appreciate it now I can take a closer look and post a new update ASAP I believe we can make some small adjustments to the settings to get it to work, but I want to investigate first. Home portals not yet supported but those are next. I'll add those as well. Just finished jewellery box and nexus. I even coded fairy rings recently too, so fairy rings + poh portals will be added in at the same time. EDIT: Found the problem, fixed in new update: New Update (v303.0) - Safespot system fixed when can't reach and it's nearby - Safespotting is now more reliable than before Update will automatically go live within 24 hours, another new update is coming shortly, stay tuned for more.
  8. Done authed you should now see the bot in your client glglgl
  9. We gotta turn off [Don't load extra images/hud] to show the normal paint, otherwise it shows minimal style overlay to save cpu/memory ^^
  10. Need to type the item name to alch, so for example: Rune arrow And make sure the item is noted or stackable at least
  11. Czar

    Perfect Thiever AIO

    Done, good choice A lot of gp being made with this script especially at elves and vyres
  12. Thank you I'll run this and see if I can find any errors. And yep house portal + nexus is supported but only with house tabs atm, will be adding rune pouch/house spell soon. I did also submit a new update for house tabs and jewellery box since they updated some IDs recently and so I did a maintenance update on those. If you notice any errors with blue drags on your side please paste them btw (bottom-right of client), if possible I don't wanna waste your time ofc. I will add an extra check for burying bones where it will not bury them if our hitpoints bar is also visible (above head), ty for this. I can see how it can sometimes slip by the code XD NPC Selection I will finish this today, you will notice a new input box when doing [Add Npc by Name] and it'll also let you choose the level ^^ this will be available in v302 EDIT: Done, npc level coded it should be visible <24 hrs
  13. Thank you! Appreciate the support
  14. Czar

    Perfect Agility AIO

    Good choice, agility seems to be invincible these days, my new accounts are just churning through the levels without bans Done activated you should now see the AIO agility bot in your list
  15. Show me your settings or paste profile I'll help, blue drags should be working. You got the dusty key or 70 agil btw? In case you wanna send profile it's located here: C:\Users\my_pc_name\OSBot\Data\perfectfighter\profiles\blue_dragon_profile_name.txt In other news posted an update for House Tab Jewellery box, lighthouse webwalker now added (first fighter script to support this fully btw ), small update for rune drags where it wasn't using house tab sometimes, and a bunch of other stuff. More to come Got v302 in the pipeline atm.
  16. Done activated trial gl sir enjoy
  17. Czar


    I believe it's safe to bot now, couple days ago wasn't so good
  18. Done authed trial you should now see the bot in your list, enjoy
  19. Yes I'll be working on an AIO script (or plugin) which will include mm2 caves etc
  20. Czar

    Czar Kudo Solver

    Legend Gl my friend lmk if you want anything added/changed
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