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[Stable] OSBot 2.4.49 - Analyzer Updates


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Thanks to everyone who has been posting about the Script Analyzer. There is still a long road ahead and I promise not to dump all my time into just this specific project. A few changes were made however so I could put this on the back burner a little bit while I work on some other things.


Most notably, the OSBot logger is now the host for both the Bot Debug and Analyzer logs. Furthermore the analyzer itself was beefed up and will tell you if it found a method or field, the name of it, and where it's coming from. Additionally, the output is a little easier on the eyes.




You will only see the logger automatically appear if a script has failed.



-Updated LoggerInterface to host ScriptAnalyzer logs
-ScriptAnalyzer differentiates between fields and methods
-ScriptAnalyzer intelligently finds dependencies instead of scanning all loaded


Happy (safe) botting

-The OSBot Staff


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