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Czar's Feedback

  1. arthiman left Positive feedback   

    this guys is one of the best in the market right now, quick, good and reliable

    Czar was The Seller

  2. Janus420 left Positive feedback   

    Extremly friendly, good service, very good scripts! u wont be disapointet :)

    Czar was The Seller

  3. No Name Needed left Positive feedback   

    Have purchased several of his scripts and joined the discord as well. Really helpful guy and makes great scripts!

    Czar was The Seller

  4. MrKaljula left Positive feedback   

    Got several of hes bots, they are awsome ! Will get some more in future ! Gunni :)

    Czar was The Seller

  5. Dilu left Positive feedback   

    I have a lot of scripts, and they're great.

    Czar was The Seller

  6. Dilu left Positive feedback   

    I have many Czar scripts, I am very happy with all of them.

    Czar was The Seller

  7. BIGFOLKS left Positive feedback   

    yo i have to tip my hat to u. a lil bug here and there but nothing a restart of the script wont fix

    Czar was The Seller

  8. strongey12 left Positive feedback   

    Have purchased 3 or more of Czar's premium scripts. All work perfectly as intended and flawlessly!

    Czar was The Seller

  9. tolga439 left Positive feedback   

    meanwhile i bought a lot of czar scripts and they are all very good, i can recommend them to everyone

    Czar was The Seller

  10. Alexthefunk left Positive feedback   

    Every script from Czar is A+++

    Czar was The Seller

  11. Cmontryme left Positive feedback   

    Great scripter + polite scripter who has given 24 hour script trials.

    Czar was The Seller

  12. MrCovidB left Positive feedback   

    Posting for 24H trial :)) considering a buy

    Czar was The Seller

  13. Kayde left Positive feedback   

    Got 99 using the trial, the xp is efficient and the script never messes up. great script

    Czar was The Seller

  14. Crooked left Positive feedback   

    Looking forward to trying the trial!

    Czar was The Seller

  15. soxxorz23 left Positive feedback   

    Perfect Fighter, great bot. Thanks for the trial too, helped me make my decision to buy :)

    Czar was The Seller

  16. ez11 left Positive feedback   

    We made a bet, he lost and he paid :)

    Czar was Trading

  17. DL_LP left Positive feedback   

    very easy to get questions and reponses back. works hard and cares about his script.

    Czar was The Seller

  18. typo left Positive feedback   

    The name never lies, Perfect!

    Czar was The Seller

  19. Bjotorsflav left Positive feedback   

    Bought a private script 5 stars!

    Czar was The Seller

  20. Silver Knight left Positive feedback   

    I am privilaged to sell Czar a slayer account! Hopefully this means we will have new Slayer script soon :P! He is the best!!

    Czar was The Seller

  21. Uhtred left Positive feedback   

    Made Private Script for me/Verry Fast and Kind :)

    Czar was The Seller

  22. Realist left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a voucher, he went first, fast and easy thanks! A+

    Czar was The Buyer

  23. Arctic left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a $5 Steam Gift Card. Thanks!

    Czar was The Buyer

  24. Fruity left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a Lunar Account for 25m. Very good ;)

    Czar was The Buyer

  25. Arctic left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a $20 Steam Gift Card. Thanks!

    Czar was The Buyer

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