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  1. Dont have skrill sorry ;/
  2. BTC , PP trusted only thanks
  3. looking for someone to do it for 120-150k each account if f anyone willing to do for that range price pm me
  4. Looking for someone who can do tut hand done on 10+ account i will provide you the account you only do the tut
  5. no sorry 1,20 is firm (:
  6. PP or btc trusted prefered thanks
  7. i'll stay at 120 Since i need to get rid of my Pure for now will talk to you on skype when i'm home (:
  8. if you can get 80+ def and i offer 120m
  9. Hi my butler my butler is bugging at '' retriving soft clay '' been freezing for 7 hours last night its doesnt click for the butler to go un-note i'm not sure if you changed anything but this happens only since last week been using this scrpt for like 300 day lol^^ any solution?
  10. looking for someone with higer fb or btc
  11. Thanks everyone found someone who can do it if i further need i keep the thread up
  12. i create my own email / name and you get 25/mage / 47 construction not trusted you provided bonds + supplies *** Found someone for now but thread doesn't need to be deleted***
  13. Trusted user preferred firm price ty
  14. 1,25/m PP/BTC Truster user pref
  15. server ? i'm not sure why you want a bronze account but i might have an unranked that i dont play on if you dont use any hack i'm willing to let you use it
  16. i got a 40 72 80 range 25 prayer do you want 1 pray?
  17. do you have original email / and information ? i buy for 32m/ or 35$ pp if you do
  18. Weak Sauce Tried to reclaim a 20 usd lool i know that user is banned i just wanted to add this to his '' paid debt if he ever want to come back '' https://gyazo.com/ea7e992b01593d0c6888bf1365ee28ce deleted this froob from skype a couple time ago since hes banned https://gyazo.com/8f0970234db8f02d6c644c77df323854 french thing but i can translate anytime anyway suspented = suspension so as you can see https://gyazo.com/d1ea0cfda681b5b7135be7d6ad1c2cba
  19. already got you added if you din't clear your skype will hit you
  20. https://gyazo.com/c808d0b98092a4e84656a1a40255ea56 got dt done def is not quested https://gyazo.com/14a5fafc7b75bf95fe9b24895005239c https://gyazo.com/14a5fafc7b75bf95fe9b24895005239c it having 70+ days members idk i got a couple few more not sure what specifics main you need high or middle
  21. why y'all wanna show your ugly face , start thinking that this forum starting to be a Gay/Shemale runescape Gamer Social Network
  22. kind of looking for trusted user only if you can btc let me know
  23. np i dint mean to be rude if you took this way i apologize
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