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  1. Hey how have you been friend? Long time no talk

  2. You can even do it without an auto clicker. On runelite if you set your fps to 1 and click once you won't log out for like 40 minutes after you start pumping.
  3. Please don't delete the topics when you get an answer to it as it might help someone else with the same question. If someone in the future has the same question they might come up with this solution.
  4. Antonio Kala


    How come you didn't ask for a trial before buying it?
  5. It's not due to the hammer that happened to me too I reported it on the thread but you didn't read my message. The issue is the script gets stuck because it thinks it doesn't have enough seeds.(even though it has all other seed types) If he has more of the seeds the ones that say 40 in the gif the script will work. to replicate it just grab a ton of all the seeds and only like 20-40 seeds of the one it tries first "Barley seeds".
  6. I feel like 20 minutes is way too long for your account to sit there doing nothing or spam clicking something if it got stuck withdrawing from bank or interacting with a trap that's a sure way to receive a ban. which has def happened to me. A normal bird house run takes max 3 minutes. So I'd say a safer check would be 5 minutes. Another thing I'd like to see the script implement is parameters for us CLI users. Something simple like -script:true:false:true would work for the three GUI options or maybe you can think of something better. Also what's the script's sdn id to launch with cli? Issues I've found: if you have multiple seeds in inv, and you only have 10 left of the default one(Barely seeds), the script will get stuck trying to withdraw constantly in bank more Barely seeds even though you have all other seeds in inv ready to be used. From now on I'll try and get a GIF of a bug so you can see it easier with the logger open that way it makes it much easier to fix. Thanks.
  7. Try turning off antiban I think that will solve your issue. Make sure mirror mode is set to 50ms
  8. it's already live, he just has the old one open. Close your client and open a new one and you'll get the prompt to update client.
  9. monkey madness we need eagles peak, unlocks chinchompas, about a 20 min quest. It does have it's complexity in a small puzzle tho. I can lend you an acc only req is 27 hunter.
  10. I think he's renting a dedicated server.
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