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  1. Like 120m if you wait for the right buyer to come along. A small group of people kill for these things.
  2. 3 live hens, and a pile of fresh oysters or like 50mish, maybe 60m because ur trusted. It's a good starter account.
  3. You used tables? This isn't html4, and its also not 2004 Kappa
  4. L O R U M I P S U M But woweee 3 div containers equally spaced apart thanks to bootstrap with slightly lighter backgrounds than the canvas. U HAEV EVOLVD INTO GR8 DISIGNIR
  5. Welcome back And before you check, NO... token still hasn't updated stealth quester. @Token
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    sell em and buy pants fam
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    Not expecting these to go up in value anytime soon due to how many are on the market/the loot/the fact you need a key. Wouldn't expect to see notable profit until the end of the year if not later.
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    We'll make a thread stating investments youre taking part in, whether that be online items etc. My current investment is in PUBG grey camo pants. Bought around 400 pairs at 8/9 cents each after seeing they weren't in any of the new loot boxes. Current price to sell @ is ~.33 Im too poor to invest in the twitch sets and the pre-order pubg set, which I believe will hit around 4/5k by the end of the year, currently 1.6k Current profit: ~$96 Expecting pants to go up to past a dollar each once knowledge of the pants temporary discontinuation become public, as they might be released again in the next set of loot boxes
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    alas, my willow log bot farm has been infiltrated.
  11. Just wondering, i watched like 20 mins of a preview livestream so i don't know too much about it, and i have yet to be there. I just know there's new wyvern things, and an underwater area. But compared to zeah, how much useful and interesting content is on fossil island? If you were to compare the two releases, which one would you say is more fun?
  12. you need 2 goats, a man who can speak spanish, and someone to play the trumpet
  13. I would actually be really interested in this kind of service as well. The shit's so complicated and hard for 10 hp accounts.
  14. just use exodus. it has everything
  15. Buying 07 gp for litecoin (it's a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, but with lower fees and faster transactions for anyone wondering). 1m = 1.05
  16. don't reveal if you haven't seen the last episode of game of thrones
  17. ?????? U OKYAY? ?? merching in high quantities became 60000000000% easier and afk. For single items sure, go ahead and spam "Buying rune scim 50k", and then sell it for 60k 20 mins later. But you had to be sitting at your computer, and if you wanted to do it in bulk, you were sitting there for ages. Sure the trading post (and whatever the fuck website we used before that, i think it was zybez or some shit like that), made it so you could sit in one spot and argue with idiots that wanted you to meet them, it was still less profit. The grand exchange lets me buy stuff overnight, and then sell it in the morning, that easy. Likely reasons as to why you may have posted: 1) here for the post count 2) never tried merching before the grand exchange 3) Have never merched with the GE 4) pick flax
  18. I'm going to try to make this as simple as possible, so im going to use an example: Essentially you can lend your bitcoin and other crypto to bots that will trade it, and you get back a percent of what you put in over time. It's 2017 so why the fuck would you actually try and trade yourself when bots with hard drives full of raw data can calculate it and do it for you. So is there anything in runescape that is similar? Merching is great fucking money, but it's 2017, people are obsolete.
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