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It's been fun osbot!

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For the past half year, the majority of my best online experiences come from here. You've all been so great to me and I can't think you all for all the help you've given to me, it's been really great, not everything, but a very large portion. 


But the idea of a friendly, safe environment seems to stray further and further away day by day between getting scammed & harassed.



Too much of this:


This is just the most recent case of many for me.

This money was saved for my today's deadline and was really important to me. On multiple levels that I'd rather not discuss publicly 



When this is the most active section of the forums, even almost 4 times more than spam, it raises too many questions for me



I know that theres quite a bit of expired market threads in there, but go there and tell me how safe you feel after.


Other then the market side for me, it's truly has been amazing. I made many friends, learned my first bit of worth ethic, & got to practice my English in skype with my even closer friends on here.


So thank you all for everything!


Special thanks to 























@The Hero of Time















If I didn't list you I'm sorry! The list is big and I kept forgetting who I already put and who I didn't! You all have been so amazing to me and  can't thank you guys enough. I may pop in every once in a while. So to everyone, thank all so much again, you've all taught me and helped me through so much, and I had so much fun with you guys here. Please take care! I expect warm welcomes from everyone if I come by to visit! That means nobody gets banned for any reason whatsoever! Goodbye QwPha8E.png




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