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  1. Service is sold to @Fratem Thank you everyone.
  2. Looking for someone to immediately get me all defenders + a spare dragon defender. Melee stats are minimum requirement. Quote me here please and thank you. Parsec is a requirement. (It's like teamviewer)
  3. Requires use of Parsec (It's like Teamviewer but better)
  4. Your original comment came off as you were asking me to allow you to connect to my PC at will from your end at any time (Which is an option in Parsec) That is what I said no to. Parsec is what I am interested in using, no one is getting my username/pass.
  5. Parsec is a requirement. Thanks
  6. The main 3 stats I am curious to have priced is 80-99 agility. 71-77 runecrafting, and 61-80 woodcutting. All done through parsec
  7. Im not going to authorize someone to connect to my PC at any time. Lol. Edit: Service is sold. Thanks.
  8. Do you have vouches on another site? Currently contacted Airborn waiting for a reply.
  9. Everything in the title is firm. Quote me here. My connection will be in Texas however I have had people from argentina do pretty click intense task for me with 0 issues.
  10. Thoughts on the future of botting with the news Runescape is about to go onto Steam within the next year? I could see downloaded battleeye or something right around the corner if they are doing that move. Steam usually has standards game developers must follow to protect the integrity of the game. I'll be interested to see how it all plays out
  11. Damn what he have to do to get suspended? If I had to take a guess he made a script for a different client or some shit idk. Crazy shit
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