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  1. Like I said I never recovered the account, If I was going to scam quit I would have recovered the 10 odd accounts i've sold. I said i'm happy to help and get the account back for skoon and am currently in the process of recovering it for him. It is not clear that I recovered the account. The evidence shown is the account was recovered to T*******@g****.com which could be anything, but it could also be my email that I had years ago when I sold the account linked to TRGilgad@gmail.com to someone on osbot, it was my first sale I believe or close to it. Regardless, with the name change, clearly whoever recovered the account had access to a lot of prior information about the account and knew I was in a top clan and probably changed the name back to get general rank and scam people considering I was huge in the Australian department -- so somehow some form of information got out. Anyway, I am in the process of getting the account back, i'll let you know when I know.
  2. It's my birthday today, heading over to Canberra to see my girlfriend for a week, wont be active much, but given the guy 4 days and he hasn't responded, hope you can sort this out and if I don't reply for a bit I apologize in advance.
  3. Turned 19 today, fuckin aye. Flying over to Canberra in a few hours to stay with my girlfriend for a week, nervous as, never been on a plane and never met her IRL. Will be interesting!
  4. Yeah exactly, so i dont know why he just went and did what he did without speaking to me first, he already left feedback before I even responded. I'm happy to help lol.
  5. Disputed Member:[member=Hashtag Sk00n] Why it should be removed: Because he never opened a dispute and never replied to my message after a few days, he has all the recovery information when I sold it to him ages ago so he can recover it whenever he wants and if he can't i can help get it back. http://prnt.sc/atcofj Would be nice not to have the random red there from a raging user making assumptions.
  6. Looking for a 1 def obby pure with: 1 Attack 99 Strength 1 Defence Any prayer as long as less then 52 64 or less range 50+ mage 55 slayer Mithril Gloves Full zammy book Can pay in Paypal or RSGP pst.
  7. ..................................................................................................................................................................................................... You substitute strength and attack levels for prayer, so actually you are lower CB with 31 prayer then you would be if you didn't have it. http://osbot.org/forum/topic/26930-gilgads-ultimate-account-making-guide/ "I am going to tell you right now that no matter what you say, getting 31 prayer is more efficient level wise, stat wise, money wise and max hit wise than staying 1 prayer. Lets say for example, you have an account with 50 attack and 70 strength, you give it ultimate strength (31 Prayer) which is +15% Strength and +10% Attack. This adds +15% Strength to the base strength level (70) which would equate to 9.5 extra strength levels. You would also gain an extra 5 attack levels from 31 prayer, on top of this, you can now use a super strength potion and attack potion. You cannot gain 15% of your current strength level AND 10% of your current attack level within the 3 combat levels that 31 Prayer gives you, 31 prayer is 100% worth it, if you would like even more explanation, feel free to post below."
  8. Just get 31 pray.... It's hands down better mathematically wise...
  9. I love E-Drama, it's really important stuff!
  10. he posted on my thread twice saying "nice ty" 2 days a part. lol.
  11. A tick is 600ms, US gives us 280ms ping... you play with like 10. If we even want to do 1 tick switches or gmaul switches properly, we have a ~50ms window, doing reaction switches is literally impossible because you have to add reaction time to the ping. 280ms ping for our input to register (The switch), ~250ms reaction time which leaves us at 590ms leaving us a 10ms window to do a 1 tick IE 1 tick last second venge reaction. A normal swap lets say msb-ags if you want to 1 tick it, most people 1 tick within the last 50-70ms of the 600ms, so you have to 1 tick between 530-600ms/600ms. We have to 1 tick between 250-330ms/600ms so that it registers the switch and spec at movement at the correct time of the tick, so we have to literally predict the future. Add reaction time, literally impossible.
  12. Australian servers please. Then I might come back to this game because I can be on an even playing field.
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