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  1. came on twitch prime, dont care enough to try to sell it On Origin 25GG-3SYZ-SG8U-PQEA-EDSN
  2. If you're willing to pay, why not just take it to geek squad or some other repairee
  3. Are these membership pins or just plain accounts with membership and are they obtained legally?
  4. buying/selling in increments of 20-500m for years, no ban. Anecdotal but pretty common result. I barely know even any goldfarmers who have RWT hits but if they do they usually do infernals too.
  5. Sky

    Need MM2

    finished myself, disreguard
  6. Sky

    Need MM2

    monkey madness 2 done pls Skyichi#9213
  7. If you don't want your account getting banned, do not bot. There are no safe methods.
  8. I've done a deep dive on this. The bot is fairly accurate, with a direct submission of 100% accuracy and a it measure a plethora of things, JaGeX has was also very impressed, but that being said it is not as good as JaGeX's own system and have since collaborated, if by the time it detects you as a bot (btw if you're checking yourself it means you've probably manually uploaded yourself anyway which is not good) then big brother is probably already aware and is just data gathering. They have neat statistical data thats free to access as well on their discord, heatmaps, gear tags, etc.
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