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  1. Epsilon


    l0000l succer skrrrrrt
  2. They can be good mid-tier GP, so why not.
  3. Account stats: Quests: Includes: RFD, Lunar Diplomacy, DT, Regicide Wealth: Account status: Login Screen: Payment method: GP or PayPal if trusted. Starting Bid: 150M A/W: 200M I am the original owner and only owner of the account. You will receive the original email used to make the account upon purchase also.
  4. Got a maxed zerker if that gets your fancy... not that common to find.
  5. Nice, thanks for the input. If you're interested in buying it let me know.
  6. 60 Attack 99 Strength 45 Defence (Quested) 99 Range 52 Prayer 94 Magic 95 Hitpoints Barrows Gloves/ Lunars/ DT/ Firecape
  7. They nerfed it by what - 30%? Zulrah is still one of the most profitable goldfarming methods that exists and is well known.
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