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  1. Who knows. השטן יהיה לנדוד מהכסא למטה האלוהי לשאוג אל פני השטח שבו הוא יהיה שלטון עם אגרוף אש ולנקות את עולמם של החלשים.
  2. Judgement day is upon us. The only magic is black magic.
  3. The day @Catastrophe can no longer enjoy banter with friends, is the beginning of the end. 終焉は遅く、痛みを伴うことが保証されています。プロセス自体は、このウェブサイト上のすべての罪の清めになります。強大な支配者サタンはあなたの負担を主張しなければならない。 השטן הוא כאן. השטן מגיע. קבל אותו או יושמד.
  4. Catastrophe

    Bye Guise

    Well, we had worked together we absolutely ages so this is quite sad to see Stay frosty Brando, great guy. Thanks for everything you've done for OSBot and all the anime that you recommended to me :')
  5. One day I'll paint you like one of my french girls...

    1. Sky


      Excuse me basic bitch? Do I look french

    2. The Hero of Time

      The Hero of Time

      more japanese to me

  6. Catastrophe became inactive. And so the groupies disbanded.
  7. Deep with a British accent. Doesn't really match my stereotypical appearance at all.
  8. Oo Manchester Met. That's where I'm going after my gap year. I hope the night life is as good as my friends say ;)
  9. Where my vet doe. and @Jeff is this a bad dream. This isn't a threat, but.... This is what happened last time someone made a mockery of your chocolate king. Interpret that as you will.
  10. In all honesty, resistance is futile. This entire planet has been manipulated for many era's, a few people 'revolting' now will accomplish nothing. As long as I have money and 'false' happiness, they can continue to shit on my 'freedom' all they like, people act like this supposed system doesn't have its benefits. Ignorance is bliss. We, as a race, will seize to exist soon enough. Well I hope so anyway, as the cancer of this planet mother nature and the universe need to conjure up a cure.
  11. Jokes on you because after the camera stopped rolling this happened. Super saiyan afro princess. I surpassed Goku.
  12. 18? How long do you think I'll wait. If the age is on the clock, old enough for cock.
  13. Hell no. Then I'd have more posts than you.
  14. King Faggot doesn't speak faggot? Some monarch you are, fucking poser.
  15. I bet you your future daughters virginity that he gives it to you.
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