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  1. I will buy your stock. Come to the chatbox and we can talk.
  2. Was digging up some of my old accounts and found this one. -----forgot to include void range helmet and graceful legs
  3. Why don't you just publicly post the link?
  4. Ricky

    Help training range

    Okay will do! Thanks!
  5. I just got 20 range.... what should I be doing to 75? Help pls
  6. Damn if it didn't have ban I'd buy it.
  7. Alright, good luck selling. My offer is still on the table if you ever wanna sell it
  8. Honestly the most I'll offer you is 15m
  9. Ricky

    Pc on lvl 95 main

    Yeah no bans atm, just training slayer atm
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