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  1. You go first, paying via Paypal, don't have balance.
  2. Paying via Paypal, don't have Paypal balance. You go first, post price.
  3. Why you have PMs turned off? Message me your Discord, I'm not sure if I have you added.
  4. Thanks Naked, looking for another 50m
  5. Paying via Paypal, looking to buy all at once. Please leave price
  6. Paying via Paypal, looking to buy all at once. Please post price
  7. Mikasa

    Khal Wintertodt

    Is anyone having issues with the script taking forever to perform actions? If I have it set to fletch, it'll click on the knife & then like 5-10 seconds later it'll click on a log. This is also happening to performing actions after eating. Due to this, I'm not even getting 500 points in a round
  8. That Discord doesn't exist. Add me, Mikasa#0147
  9. Paying via Paypal. Please leave price or your post will be ignored.
  10. Don't have raw balance, paying from my debit card, sorry!
  11. Paying via Paypal, you go first
  12. Paying via Paypal, you go first. Post price.
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