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  1. Mikasa

    Stealth Quester

    hey boss, what quest you have in mind to work on? bone voyage would be dope if you're taking suggestions
  2. Mikasa

    Stealth Quester

    do you know if bot even bought the beer? figuring maybe bot drank beer because of leg, but might not have even bought one i dont have logs or anything
  3. Mikasa

    Stealth Quester

    I also found my account stuck at step to give the guard a beer, with no beer in inventory
  4. heyo, ive gotten stuck at same spot 3 different times now it bugs after about 15 minutes & then gets stuck in a login loop is this a client fault? edit: restarted both clients, got stuck in same spot after 8 minutes thinking the failed webwalk doesnt have a reset after it switches "list", so its looking for the upstairs soldiers in the downstairs room
  5. Paying via Paypal, post rates, you go first
  6. niscu you botting on home ip or proxy?
  7. Mikasa

    Stealth Quester

    Heyo, would it be possible to add stamina potions to Waterfall quest at the stage where it withdraws runes? My mans walks for the last portion of the quest because he has no stamina :pepehands: Edit: Also, any plans for prayer support? The accounts I plan on making eventually need prayer, so figured might make some of the quests easier. Just a suggestion, no worries if not.
  8. Prefer if tutorial island is done, can pay via Paypal or maybe RSGP, post price & details
  9. damn this is big brain keep it up
  10. That's just how Paypal subscriptions function. Refer to thread, let me know if it's outdated. Also screenshot of the email you're referencing?
  11. Paying via Paypal, don't have balance, post price.
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