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  1. Jams

    iso pc help

    need someone to connect to my laptop via teamviewer and get tor browser to work, will pay 10$ cashapp, or more if it takes a while (i dont think it will) edit: free me
  2. Jams

    iso pc help

    need someone to connect to my laptop via teamviewer and get tor browser to work, will pay 10$ cashapp, or more if it takes a while (i dont think it will) edit: free me
  3. I got a 1def pure 60 attack 91 str 1 def 99 range 97 mage 150 quest points 85 construction 71 farming 70 hunter 1450 total has god books, climbing boots, ancients done, ghostly, purple halo from lms, camel mask, firecape mith gloves ancient mace etc basically everything you could use it has and all of the combat xp is quested as far as I could
  4. If u don’t have cash app don’t comment. .50 a mill plus 5mil extra for free so I don’t have to deal with Helen wong quic Tx please
  5. Jams #8584 blowpipe with addy darts and a shitloadof zulrah scales and whatever range gear you can afford, pures still get 100k an hour basically so if you dont have void its cool idm
  6. Nmz, blowpipe. Ahk script not a bot client. Just maxed my personal acc with it, no bans
  7. ill bot you 99 range for 50m, nobans
  8. never. theres a reason mald didnt make them a mod and made them a chat helper
  9. Jams

    PC please

    i can bot this to maxed for you
  10. yes gotta have pendant buddy, only birdhouses and seeds plus you have to unlock the teleports by running around fossil island
  11. this is my user testimonial, keep in mind the script is also still only in beta, but it does run perfectly No cap. This script is so gas. I recommend this script to anyone who has low farming and hunter or pures or people who just simply never got around to leveling hunter & farming, I’m sure we all know low level hunter is especially a pain in the ass. Token said he will possibly add trees in the future as well so if/when that gets added this will be one of the most fire scripts in all of the rs botting community for botting passive gold on your mains. You can legit bot this shit 24/7 and no ban, however I am on mirror as well. Props to you token, appreciate all the hard work you have done fixing ole boys broken script. As soon as you can make this paid let me know and I will pay for the script plus I will send you a bitcoin donation. Appreciate you bro. 10/10 script highly recommended from me. The only issue I have found(which hasn’t been a problem for me but will be for anyone that is a level 3) is that when you go to do farming in port phasmatys sometimes you get attacked by vampires, I always have auto retaliate and shit on so it’s no problem for me but for low levels they will for sure die tldr; this script is fire use it on any account you care about and actually play on it’s super worth it, free farm plus hunter levels and you will literally never get banned. if there’s anything I can do to help you develop the script further or anything let me know and I’ll do anything I can to help you - and pm me when you start working on adding trees -Jams
  12. let me know how much also quuote on swan song acc is near max 1 def
  13. ty when u release i will buy
  14. depends yes use ghost mouse low banrate af yes no yes
  15. Last time you got me banned doe
  16. Hey I need one small favor and I need garden of tranquility as well. Pm me and I’ll pay you good. Idk If I don’t have all the stats but I’m a near almost maxed pure so I should have all reqs if ur gonna try n Scam me don’t even bother Clown ass ********a
  17. ill do it for 100m, 3-4 day timeframe, might do it in 1-2 tho
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