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  1. Totally different? So your speaking fire and I'm speaking ice? Tips and methods are completely differential? Hate to break it to you but @Noah is right.
  2. Don't try to lawyer your way around the rules. If it doesn't comply, it doesn't comply. You get the idea - guide selling will not be allowed. Be a little nice and release it "free" if your asking for free tips to add.
  3. Since obviously he can't show proof, I think a public jury/poll should be conducted too see how ridiculous the outcome may be from a boy who cried wolf
  4. Thanks guys, but if I get banned for no reason, then so be it. Maldesto is the Community Manager.
  5. Makes no sense. Didn't know I can be banned from a bullshit claim. Sad.
  6. I did sell him the account, but like I stated it wasn't mine. I contacted him to put a recovery in. I still don't see any evidence from his claim...
  7. Okay? Your evidence proves nothing. "Oh hey, I forgot my pass, let me just say it got stolen" Got banned then stolen? What? And I have no idea what the other pictures are for, is it your peaks with the account? I'm confused. Let me just buy 30 accounts, get drunk, forget the pass to all of them, show a screenie that the login is invalid, then let me claim theft. n = 1 much?
  8. Welcome to OSBot buddy
  9. Can i get a peice of some raffytaffy?
  10. Cinnamon


    Posts silly goose!
  11. Cinnamon


    I've had success at Gnomes
  12. Def can also be used as an advantage. Just because it's not an even number or a solid number, the variation in the stats make you more stakable. Source please
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