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    Anything that doesn't bore me; DDoS'ing people/sites, Scamquitting, hacking people, etc. Fun stuff like that.

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  1. Only way to quit is to max. And complete the collection log. And complete your own personal collection. And have max cash.
  2. Added on discord. Confirm over PM before doing any trade.
  3. RoomScape


    What in the world dude
  4. You still get on I see.

  5. Hey all, Buying around 300m. Depends on price, may buy more. Post rates below. Not going first. If that's a problem then don't post. Post price and your form of communication. I have skype/discord or we can talk through PM's.
  6. You joined a few months ago. What do you even mean? I'm so confused. It had to be said.
  7. With your whole 73 points. Good job. Then you are useless.
  8. Yoooooo We in where? Brooooo You're still on? Stop being that lurker and contribute to the community. So you are no longer a contributing member of society. Yes. No idea who you are. Hola, como estas?
  9. Best rate gets it.
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