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    Anything that doesn't bore me; DDoS'ing people/sites, Scamquitting, hacking people, etc. Fun stuff like that.

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Community Answers

  1. You joined a few months ago. What do you even mean? I'm so confused. It had to be said.
  2. With your whole 73 points. Good job. Then you are useless.
  3. Yoooooo We in where? Brooooo You're still on? Stop being that lurker and contribute to the community. So you are no longer a contributing member of society. Yes. No idea who you are. Hola, como estas?
  4. Best rate gets it.
  5. Oooooh I forgot about it being instantly available. I'll try that, thanks.
  6. Will it show up though? If it's restricted is there some safeguard in place so dropped items won't be public?
  7. No. Edit: It's a level 3 and my account is a maxed main so I wouldn't even be able to do level 1 wildy. I transferred money on it to GE merch and stuff and later tried taking it off and realized I couldn't so rip. Oooh ok, I get it. This is still meh and worth more hassle but I get it now.
  8. Damn, you right. Yeah, thinking of a bond but like it'll be a complete waste of money. I may buy a bond and use it on my main though... Yeah, it's horrible. I thought it was 10QP OR 17 more hours (I don't know the complete time). So I got the 10QP and it then told me 16:45 time left and 66 more levels...BRUH wtf I don't get this.
  9. I did the 10QP thinking that’s all I need but I also need 66 levels and another 17 hours of gameplay... How can I transfer money off the account besides buying a bond?
  10. I’m not Dutch so I can’t do that payment. you don’t have a PayPal or anything else..?
  11. Need maybe 20-50M. Not going first. post rates. Lowest obviously gets it. prefer PayPal but can do other methods depending on fees and stuff. have Skype and discord or we can even talk through PM.
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