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  1. Acerd's Tiara Crafter Makes silver bars into tiaras in edgeville. Any feedback would be appreciated. Please keep in mind that the script ONLY supports edgeville. It's unsure if mirror mode is supported as I have not tested it. Start the script in edgeville with tiara mould and silver bars in bank or inventory. available now on the sdn for free
  2. Why is not there acerds rooftop anymore


  3. Steam account: Rainbow 6 siege Left4Dead2 CSGO with prime Counter-Strike Counter-Strike Zero Counter-Strike Source Risk Of Rain 2 It also has 1.15$ on it. Origin account: Battlefield 1 and 4 League of Legends (EUW) account: Level 119 32 Skins, 6 epic, rest normal 6 Epic and 2 legendary shards (hextech crafting) Platinum 4 Rank 36 Chests and no keys (hextech crafting) 5K blue essence and 400 orange essence post offers below

  5. idr the stats, according to the recovery section of runescape.com its 1700-1800 total level, i think it had 99s in most combat stats
  6. i am willing to try and refund upon staff's conclusion
  7. please fix on agility script. it cannnt complete courses at all.

  8. I looked into it just to be sure and didn't find anything that has to do with dropping. It's possible that the other guy was hacked or something.
  9. What? The script doesn't have code that includes dropping.
  10. Are you using mirror mode? Are you using your own POH or a host? A gif/video of the bug occuring. Are there any errors in the logger? When does the bug occur?
  11. Shouldn't be happening but I'll check it out. Can you provide a GIF?
  12. I increased the size, can you send me a picture of the UI?
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