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  1. Is that you in your profile pic? If so looking saucy af
  2. I haven't developed anything on osbot in years.
  3. I currently do full stack (Angular/.NET Core). Not sure where you're getting the "saturated market makes it hard to get an entry job" from. No one is coming out of school with full stack knowledge unless they have their own portfolio which makes it very easy to stand out in interviews. School curriculum hasn't caught up to the new, commonly used tech stacks. Cyber security is an incredibly complex profession. Most "cyber security" roles are really just glorified IT positions. Actual cyber security requires not only a degree but an in depth knowledge of systems (more often than not UNIX) as well as a fuck ton of math. If you can get the certs you're basically guaranteed a position but enjoy getting woken up at 3 AM on a Saturday to drive on site for shit pay. I always recommend people that want to get into an IT profession (and even ones who are already in it) get into DevOps.
  4. Oh shit, I was actually just thinking about you as I need a quick graphic done. You still do that?
  5. Just recovered my old main with about 6 quashed macroing offenses lol.
  6. Got my main unbanned twice, currently working on the third.
  7. The "bots help support the economy" argument is stupid. Assuming Jagex were to completely eradicate bots yes there would be a small adjustment period but prices would eventually stabilize according to the market equilibrium. Investing time into machine learning to detect bots is even more stupid. You could probably detect 90% of active botters using k means clustering on different game regions. Large clusters are more than likely a farm and for verification purposes you'll only need to manually review one account within the cluster to reasonably assume if that cluster consists of bots or not.
  8. If you're using it for everyday use just use a normal OS edition. If using it to serve people across the network (hence, server) get the server edition. From the sound of it you should probably just download Windows 10 Home/Professional right from Microsoft and then activate using the KMS emulator I linked above.
  9. The main reason people use the server editions is because they're more streamlined. They're not designed for use by the average user so they don't include a lot of bloatware and niceties that the normal OS editions do.
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