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- Client#LoginState has been renamed to Client#GameState (including Client#getLoginState() > Client#getGameState()).

- Client#LoginStage has been renamed to Client#LoginState (including Client#getLoginStage() > Client#getLoginState()).
- Added Camera#getScaleZ()

- Added rev cave support entrance link.
- Added ectofuntus links.

- Minor bug fixes.


- The OSBot Team

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33 minutes ago, ring662 said:

hi there, my scripts wont load it keeps crashing!



1 hour ago, Decadent said:

Some scrips dont work , some when started crash the client.


1 hour ago, magetrip said:

aftere forced client update, i  can't get  scripts  to work..

also updated java, but to no succes.

perhaps u know  the  fix?


If you don't have the code you can't fix it. My script used LoginState, but I had to change that to GameState and then it worked again. Just contact the scripter and it's an easy fix for them.

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