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  1. Hello, I was wondering what worth this account holds. Very few quest points, but Digsite done. Has a little under 100M bank. I am the OO Account stats: Account status:
  2. Laviq


    It sometimes stops by the obelisk aswell, maybe this could just be a usefull antiban really And no, its not 10 minutes every time, sometimes longer, sometimes less. Ill watch it do a few runs tomorrow, could record it, perhaps that would help.
  3. Laviq


    Hey @Tom! Coould you have a look at this? - Bot often stops and stands for 10+ minutes down by the ladder south of edgeville. Using MirrorMode. Usually does a few trips before this happens. . [INFO][Bot #1][07/16 11:04:39 AM]: Loaded 5 built-in random solvers! [INFO][Bot #1][07/16 11:04:39 AM]: Welcome to iOrber V1.1 [INFO][Bot #1][07/16 11:06:26 AM]: WebWalkingEvent; We have reached the final destination! [ERROR][Bot #1][07/16 11:06:32 AM]: Inventory widget is null, trying to guess position. [INFO][Bot #1][07/16 11:06:55 AM]: Walking [INFO][Bot #1][07/16 11:06:59
  4. In my opinion it is better to mirror Jagex' client, than to inject it with another. I always use mirror mode on accounts i want to last, stealth mode is better suited for gold farming using multiple accounts.
  5. Laviq

    Perm ban

    I highly suggest breaking every hour, I use the school systems to manage breaks. Attention span of a human, wouldnt be consistent like a bot for much over 40-70 minutes.. Id also suggest having your break like you would yourself, like myself cant play more than half an hour before taking a break. - Also, getting membership really helps, as there are more worlds and locations to bot on. Try breaking every 40min, for 2-10 minutes, see how that works for your next project.
  6. Make an account, do some quests, let it sit for a week. Any account thats botted upon making is highly likely to get banned quick. Example: No player goes straight off tut island to 80 mining only. Try maybe getting base 20 stats and bot a favoured skill from there. Also take breaks often, and dont bot 1 skill any longer than youd grind it yourself. (you could take account for stimulant use, and push it some more ofc) GL!
  7. I'd suggest clearing the runescape client files, and downloading it again. Also, take breaks every 40-70 mins as a human probably would. And dont bot the same stuff for any longer than 3-4 hours a day. I've followed these simple rules on both my main and gold farmers, none have recieved a ban now. And some days i'd suggest just not logging in at all, or bot al ALT account. 2 months in. without bans. -LAviq
  8. I really believe it is, got scammed like that couple years ago. It cost me 1.3K$ , never took paypal again and still I feel dumb at times. Use a middleman!
  9. Laviq


    Seems to be working flawlessly now, thanks Tom!
  10. Laviq

    RWT Bans

    After a bit of thought on this myself, I wouldnt worry too much about RWT bans. Unless one of your gold farms gets banned and theres an obvious muling to that "local bank account". In my eyes, gold sellers makes the game more enjoyable and easier to get into. I've never had a ban from RWT, and have traded quite a few hundred mills now. (even to new level 3 accounts) My guess is as long as youre a runescape member, not abusing the game too much, you'll be fine man. Good luck
  11. Laviq


    Wether the clan wars tele or regular runs are working. When using regular setting, it stops after charging the orbs. trying the teleport method its stuck in banking mode, not doing anything :7 [INFO][Bot #1][06/30 12:29:51 PM]: [Break Manager] After botting for 24 minute(s), you will break for 11 minute(s). [INFO][Bot #1][06/30 12:29:51 PM]: Loaded 5 built-in random solvers! [INFO][Bot #1][06/30 12:29:51 PM]: Welcome to iOrber V1.1 [ERROR][Bot #1][06/30 12:30:09 PM]: Error in bot executor or from Error class (and not Exception)! java.lang.OutOfMemoryError at jav
  12. I believe so! You can get a voucher here
  13. Laviq


    Thanks Tom, will try that
  14. Laviq


    Hey @Tom Just bought this script, but I can't get it to eat food at low hp. It doesnt eat when arriving at edgeville bank eaither (sharks for food) Regular settings, with stamina pot. Also, when it dies it just stands in lumby.. [INFO][06/29 10:05:32 AM]: Loaded 3 RS accounts! [INFO][06/29 10:05:33 AM]: Welcome to OSBot 2.5.51! [INFO][06/29 10:05:39 AM]: Updated injection hooks for client revision : 180! [DEBUG][Bot #1][06/29 10:05:39 AM]: Initializing mirror client bot... [INFO][06/29 10:05:39 AM]: Started bot #1 [INFO][Bot #1][06/29 10:06:04 AM]: Initializing
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