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  1. Not sure but I've reauthed, should work now
  2. Hey, A quick dev build before going to stable in a couple of days. Download link: http://osbot.org/devbuilds/osbot 2.6.36.jar API CHANGES: - Added Worlds#hop(int world, boolean allowedWorldsOnly). allowedWorldsOnly:true is default behaviour. Setting this to false will allow hopping to any world and going through warning messages. - Added group ironman account types. FIXES: - Added support for the new clan chat tabs. WEB WALKER: - Tweaked some wrong links. MISC: - Minor bug fixes. - The OSBot Team
  3. If you could send some screenshots + locations I can look into them
  4. It will use all the data it can to learn.
  5. As far as I know for the current scripts etc nothing will change. It does open the market for smaller and larger scripts however which could be cheaper and more expensive than whats already available
  6. The hive botting doesn't affect the script behaviour at all. As for how it works: scripters tell it very simply: use this script and you get X xp/hr and Y items/hr for example. This ofcourse could be off and vary per hour of the day and skills/items/quests/diaries the player already has. So when it's running it will learn when it's the best time to train (less people during specific hours of the day for example) and which items/skills/quests etc improve the rates. So it start of 'dumb' and if you tell it to get 99 mining it will just mine the fastest thing, but later on it will learn and when you ask for 99 mining it could start completing some diaries first because it knows the mining locations are crowded for a couple hours and unlocking some diary rewards will improve xp rates over time.
  7. Quick update, scripters have started implementing support for the hive botting.
  8. Hey, This release brings a couple new features/fixes besides those released in the previous dev build. API CHANGES: - Added Widgets#getWidgetContainingText(boolean ignoreChatbox, String... texts) and Widgets#containingText(boolean ignoreChatbox, String... texts). Functionality for old methods stays unchanged: ignoreChatbox=true for Widgets#getWidgetContainingText(String... texts) and Widgets#containingText(String... texts). - Added Quests#Quest.X_MARKS_THE_SPOT MISC: - Minor bug fixes. - The OSBot Team
  9. I've noticed some issues as well, if you right click -> copy link and paste it in a new tab, it should work. I'll see if I can fix it in the post tomorrow.
  10. Hey, This release brings a couple small improvements and tweaks, Download link: http://osbot.org/devbuilds/osbot 2.6.34.jar FIXES: - Fixed NPC#getSizeX(), getSizeY() always returning 1. Now it will return NPCDefinition#getSize(). MISC: - The config debugger interface should be more responsive. - Improved API stability. - Made some progress on missing API docs. - Minor bug fixes. - The OSBot Team
  11. The first release will indeed not change the actual script behavior, it's more like a 'smart bot manager' which will learn over time at which times certain activities can be done best. The personification AI will introduce API changes that can change script behavior (Think like slower over time to simulate getting tired, skilling script might afk more during working hours etc, but also the way how people interact with objects (camera/mouse movement, walking etc)) First one will be trained via botting, second one by human playing.
  12. Patrick

    Exco Puro Puro

    Enjoy I didn't know about any camera issues on the outer edge. How would it get stuck?
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