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  1. 2.2 should be out by now, if not I'll contact Token Enjoy
  2. Jagex updated the emotes and music widgets, pushed a new version (V2.2) with a fix Authed for 48 hours in case new version doesnt get released on time
  3. I'd advice against botting a main but sure. I can auth you if you want
  4. Enjoy The teleporting is something with the webwalker. What are your settings? I do need the ids of the clues to look into which ones have issues and if I can fix those. I'm gonna need more info (see template)
  5. Very odd, maybe something went wrong with uploading , I'll check it out
  6. Enjoy Hmm it should attack the npc to trigger a werewolf transformation. What's the logger saying? Did you enable looting in the combat profile and linked that to the monsters?
  7. Enjoy Yeah maybe I can have it walk away and try again, but it's tricky Any screenshots of the configuration? This isn't happening for me
  8. The first issue is webwalker (client) related, I'll look into the issue with those woods. As for the ice giant, I'll see if there is a way to prevent getting attacked by the warriors I'll see if there are any missing links that I can add
  9. Slayer scripts in general have a lower banrate due to them having a very dynamic behaviour in game. The easier the slayer master is, the more stable the script will be due to less issues with webwalker/potential deaths etc.
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