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  1. This is still the status for the AI, little bit of a delay as I've switched jobs and am in the proces of moving homes. But I've been in contact with some scripters to get it up and running with more than just SDN scripts and implemented stuff I missed to improve script implementation. Server-sided webwalking should be quickly implemented once AI is live. Idk about the other plans.
  2. authed That error is webwalker (client) related, fairy rings are required for it to get there. Mcgrubors woods are also webwalker related. I'll see if thats one I can fix in the client however. What did you mean with 'don't get it exactly right'?
  3. Enjoy I'll see which of these I can add
  4. Hey, Another quick release to fix some issues due to the changes in tabs. FIXES: - Added support for the new clan/grouping tab, this was causing all kinds of locks. MISC: - Minor bug fixes. - The OSBot Team
  5. If you can PM me some screenshots (preferrably on discord), I can look into it
  6. Good to hear the GE change is working nicely The walking/spirit tree issues are all client related. I'll see if I can improve/fix them for the next release.
  7. Hey, Just a quick release to add support for the new character summary tab. API CHANGES: - Added support for the character summary tab. MISC: - Minor bug fixes. - The OSBot Team
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