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  1. This is gonna be added for sure
  2. Increased the threshold for visible for next release.
  3. Which script is this happening with? So far I haven't been able to replicate the issue. Edit: I removed all usages of this for the next version. I'll release it tomorrow or the day after.
  4. Hey, This release should fix the interaction issues from 2.6.12. Let me know how it goes Download link: http://osbot.org/devbuilds/osbot 2.6.13.jar FIXES: - Fixed an issue with not opening bank chests. - Fixed widget missclicks. - Improved entity isVisible checks. MISC: - Improved entity and widget interaction. - Minor bug fixes. - The OSBot Team
  5. Would need the item id of that clue to do anything
  6. Will be fixed in the next release
  7. Enjoy, the trial is for 24 hours
  8. It does not, I'll rebuild the web data to take the portal into account.
  9. Hey, Just a couple small changes and tweaks. Download link: http://osbot.org/devbuilds/osbot 2.6.12.jar FIXES: - Fixed the bankpin not always detecting the currently hovered number. - Fixed the -closeOnInitializationError cli argument. WEB WALKER: - Implemented a couple random links. MISC: - Changed the interaction code a bit to interact with entities differently. - Added a couple null checks to improve stability. - Minor bug fixes. - The OSBot Team
  10. Sorry, no. The script is almost ready for release. Authing will ofcourse be available again when the script is officially released.
  11. Patrick

    Exco Puro Puro

    Thanks for the report, I'll be going through those points today and see what I can do. EDIT: just pushed v1.02 which should fix trying to go through solid wheat and the snare/entangle issue. Path generation should also be improved.
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