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  1. There are a couple issues with the webwalker in the client right now which might explain the issue with the teleports.
  2. I haven't had the time yet to create a guide, but I normally just have 1 food profile, ctrl+a on all monsters to assign it to them and press start. I don't really bother with the combat/gear profiles myself. If you have a lower level account, just use a lower level slayer master. I've been using Turael since level 1 slayer without any issues. As for the prayer, I'll see if I can replicate it. but if there is something wrong, I'm expecting an api issue. Are you using prayer potions as well?
  3. No, hard clues are the last clues that will be supported.
  4. Any screenshots? What did it already do, what is it doing exactly? Where is it standing? Did it bank? Gonna need a bit more information
  5. There is a settubg to select the location based on the 'difficulty' (focus monster). I'll see if it's possible to make this setting configurable per monster.
  6. Enjoy Atm I believe it's monstly monsters in the catacombs, however if you find one missing, just shoot me a message and it'll be added the same day if I'm online
  7. I'll see if I can find it, thanks for the report
  8. Enjoy Congratz on the rangers if you can send me the clue item ids, I'll look into them
  9. Stashes aren't supported due to the missing client information. But it will first attempt to get items from the bank, otherwise buy them if configured
  10. Yes you can select the attackstyle you want per combat profile. However mistakes can happen.
  11. Yes script behaviour is a very big part of it, especially when using mirror mode. But for injection the way we interact with the client is just as important
  12. Hey, An exciting release today! Besides the usual bug fixes, we've made great improvements to the way the client interacts with the game. This in our constant effort to lower banrates as much as possible. Eventhough we can't go too much into detail on what exactly we're working on, expect the next few releases to improve upon this as well FIXES: - Fixed Store#buy not buying enough of the item. - Fixed some NPEs in Chatbox. - Fixed Bank#withdraw not withdrawing the item when in a tab. - Fixed Store#getItems() returning null when the first item was missing.
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