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  1. Nice suggestion. I'll see if it's possible
  2. Good find, fixed the issue for the next release. A temporary way to fix it is by toggling the input button
  3. Hey, We are excited to release this version with a whole new user interface. More quality of life features will be implemented in the near future but we really wanted to get this out Download link: http://osbot.org/devbuilds/osbot 2.6.0.jar API CHANGES: - GrandExchange#buyItem and GrandExchange#sellItem now accept 0 as price, which will keep the default price. - Added InteractionEvent#setValidateMenuEntity(boolean). Default = true. If the event has an entity; this will enable/disable clicking the specific entity index in the menu, and not just any acti
  4. The progress reports I'm getting are saying about 3-5 mediums per hour Given
  5. @Molly Please check your banking code, it seems to have some loop where it gets stuck
  6. You can show/hide the sidebar via a toggle at the top RAM usage will be slightly lower when using tabs instead of multiple clients. Unless you're using the webwalker, then the difference should be big.
  7. I'm getting about 4 - 6 easy clues per hour using HAM members Trails given
  8. Should be ready for beta testing within a couple of weeks
  9. It's pretty nice for sure
  10. Aiming to have it implemented within a couple of weeks
  11. I'll check out the SoS issues
  12. Use the following to interact with entities: InteractionEvent(Entity entity, String... actions) This one is specifically designed to work with entities and also check for crosshairs.
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