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  1. Sadly not, retrieving the stash information isn't possible without running rs scripts; a feature osbot doesn't have.
  2. I believe by default it's currently a bit slower. But scripters now have the posibility to tweak the speed accordingly to their scripts. No idea, could be multiple issues. Post in the correct section and some people might be able to help you out in there.
  3. Any feedback so far? There are some nasty bugs to track down in there.
  4. Oh that'd be a cool feature to have for sure. I'll have to look into it
  5. 1) What do you mean exactly? 2) A way to import custom flows will be added yes 3) I'm going to update the api docs soon to include all the new stuff
  6. Hey, API CHANGES: - Added FlowVariety to the new mouse profiles, to change the amount of variety in the movement. FIXES: - Attempt to fix some worldhopper crashing issues. MISC: - Added a 'newmouse' cli argument. - Minor bug fixes. - The OSBot Team
  7. Some bugs seem to be mirror (1, 2, 6) or webwalker (4) related. But for me to fix the bugs that aren't; I need a screenshot + the item id of the clue to fix them.
  8. Yes, next release
  9. Hey, Download link: http://osbot.org/devbuilds/osbot 2.5.86.jar API CHANGES: - Added Bot#getMouseMoveProfile & Bot#setMouseMoveProfile which will allow the scripter to change a variety of mouse movement parameters. More will be added later. These ofcourse only affect the new mouse, nothing will change with the old mouse. - Added some exception checks. - Quest VAMPIRE_SLAYER has been deprecated and replaced with VAMPYRE_SLAYER. MISC: - Added an option to toggle between the old mouse and the new mouse in the boot interface. - Minor bug fixes. - The OSBot Team
  10. When I do easy clues, I get around 4-6/hour, depending on the length of the clues and luck with pickpocketing ham members. Not entirely sure about mediums & impling jars Yes
  11. Yeah I think I'll do that
  12. Hey, This release brings 2.5.84 with the old mouse algorithm. - The OSBot Team
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