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  1. 1. Check if player is in correct area to bank 2. use getBank().open 3. Use conditional sleep to sleep until bank is open
  2. I got the same issue sometimes. It's a mirror mode problem, not sure if it's been reported though
  3. Think of it logically, when you interact, the character will move closer to the npc and attack it. In the time that it takes to do that, the script already passed the conditional sleep because it's not yet under attack the millisecond after it interacts
  4. Not osbot related but you either have a rat, or forgot you transferred gold over
  5. Make separate bug reports, maybe it will get looked into once enough people complain......
  6. i use google chrome, no problems
  7. you probably said a lot more than that Jagex mutes racists mostly nowadays I think
  8. Turn it off or add osbot.jar and Java to your exception list
  9. Caps lock broken? Also, install java 8: https://adoptopenjdk.net/?variant=openjdk8&jvmVariant=hotspot
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