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  1. Look into a different adblock then, the one you are using is blocking major image host sites which is pretty shitty
  2. State the country and more info. Also, correct your spelling mistakes because you just said they're detected......
  3. Turn off your adblock buddy
  4. Probably around 500k each, I don't think more is worth it, you could make more money by just bonding up an acc and running it for like 4 hours
  5. You'd use the same IP to register, as the IP you will bot on you can create as many emails as you can from any provider, also, a big suggestion, use private proxies instead of a VPN No need to post twice btw
  6. There is a link in the nav bar of osbot ^^
  7. You're just lucky, but using bonds instead of just buying GP is a real bad investment, youd be able to get like 140m for that money
  8. Delay bans are a thing sadly. Make as much money on those acc before they get banned. Invest into some proper proxies though, don't rely on your VPS
  9. Flagged datacenter IP got you
  10. Could you post a screenshot of what you mean?
  11. the guy must be using a nice touchpad
  12. Just go watch his latest video. The damn thing isn't even in frame, also, why would ANYONE give away their secrets to an *$100k* a year farm........ seems like a no brainer. I'm sure we can feed him false info and he will take the bait once again......
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