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  1. Should be able to renew it. If it won't let you just wait until it runs out and re-buy it in the store
  2. Think you're asking for the guide links ye? IDE Set up. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/154399-script-development-setup/ If you already know some basic Java then start here. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/115124-explvs-scripting-101/ Other wise go complete the code academy course on Java and that should get you started for just some basic scripting. If you want to do anything more advanced like bossing scripts then you will need to learn more Java. You can read through this to learn more Java/reference https://www.programiz.com/java-programming
  3. Looks like he's running a private client, so yes, very much so possible.
  4. Patrick isn't the Mirror dev, MGI is.
  5. Will OSBot make a bot for it? No, will there be bots for New World? Yes. There's always bots/cheats for these games.
  6. C:\Users\Computer_User_Name\OSBot\Data That folder should have all the cache I believe
  7. Good job Patrick, have another otter video
  8. No he's calling the virus and the vaccine a depopulation. Sayin they're intertwined together, some crap like that
  9. They have a long term effect, they wear your shirt down where the strap goes across your torso Irrelevant, for every person that dies, 2 take their place.
  10. You could try checking if you have Microsoft one drive installed and uninstall it. Other than that or maybe deleting the OSBot folder I do not know
  11. 64 bit Java or 32 bit?
  12. Gunman

    Stealth Quester

    Think it's f5 with the menu open to enable ironman mode. Has small amount of quests supported for iron's though.
  13. Kind of the point of RS quests, so you can use your noodle instead of zombieing through the game
  14. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/154399-script-development-setup/
  15. People ask frequently about an lms script
  16. I don't know if the API supports what you're wanting. May need to make your own list of worlds and keep them updated, but test it out and find out what "not allowed to be hopped" entails to.
  17. @Heiz https://osbot.org/forum/topic/164541-how-do-you-handle-asyncthreads/
  18. Uid doesn't match. May have grabbed a message UID, re-post.
  19. Looks like it was already paid. This will be closed then. - Dispute Closed
  20. New update broke hooks, MGI has been notified. No eta on a fix.
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