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    Thanks for the feedback, If you wouldn't mind, could you let me know if you were on stealth or mirror mode?
  2. Tom


    Only started recently? Mirror mode or not? Tried restarting the client?
  3. Tom


    Added, yes you should be able to
  4. Tom


    If you would like to refund you will need to go through the refund section on OSBot, I have no control over the matter. That being said, 99% of issues here are as a result of invalid setup, if you could send me your configuration I may be able to help more. Tips: Make sure your 'safespot tile' is set, I believe the hotkey to do this is F3, but you should see it up the topleft. This is essentially the AFK position. You also want to enable safespotting in the settings if its an option
  5. Tom


    It does yeah, you specify the name of saved config which is located in C:\Users\<YourUser>\OSBot\Data (from memory)
  6. Tom


    I think the fire issue happens when you are pathing somewhere and fire spawns after you already started. I've got some fixes for it in places, but I think theres a lot of combinations. I don't think its a MAJOR issue but it is something i'd like to get around to fixing
  7. You probably needed to wrap the path to java with quotes since it has spaces in it "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_301\bin\java.exe" -jar "osbot.jar"
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