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I have reason to believe that the accounts Maldesto, Maxi, Zach and MGI are run by the same Person

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Ok bois put your tinfoil hats on this is getting serious.

First of all a disclaimer im not saying that all of these accounts were run by the same person from the start of OSBot but I have reason to believe that if that wasnt the case that one indivudual has now taking over all of them and is primarily using the identity "Maldesto" to interact with the community. For simplicity im from now on going to refer to that person as Maldesto.


Lets jump right into the evidence:

1. If you are running a bot client would you want to actively chat using your admin identity? You will just get bombed by questions wherever you go which is obviously annoying af. Just check out the discord. Half of the messages are people asking Czar,Fruity and Token for tech support.

2. Maldesto is always about 3 months behind on his memes. If you are busy not only handling your actual irl job but also running osbots development and community its obvious that you dont have much time to stay up to date with the freshest memes.

3. No one has ever seen them active in chat together for years. Active means active in conversations, not being online on "Maldesto" and then joining the chat on your phone on a 2nd acc and type a bit on there. 


Okay this all just looks like circumstantial evidence and they could just all be busy seperate people, but here is where it gets interesting:

If you are active in the discord you might have noticed Maldesto complain about his shitty internet a few times, appearently he would have to pay the ISP to set up an antenna so he can get a decent connection. This is were he fucked up and exposed himself. Any sane person wouldnt want to live with shitty internet, and obviously in his position he could write off a part of his internet usage as a business expense from his taxes. Any normal person would fully write that antenna off his taxes because you are really living if you arent evading taxes right?

So this brings up the question why wouldnt he do that?

Now im going to simplify the next part so I dont lose most of you on this:

The company running OSBot is a shell company registered in the Netherlands. 

If there is one thing the dutch are known for except having a garbage national football team its corporate tax evasion. The dutch are complete gangsters on that front.

Now you can get a picture of how much revenue OSBot makes by doing a users search and just filtering for VIP users. Thats a decent bit of money and it would be a shame to pay taxes on it, so whats happening is: The money is going to get moved around in shell companies in tax haven contries like the netherlands until no country sees a reason to tax it. Unless you get caught doing a little bit of tax evasion on a fucking internet antenna.

As a result its obvious that Maldesto lets the tax office keep the change on that antenna so he can keep the big stacks in his offshore accounts gathering interest to retire in 2 years when hes 40.


To answer the obvious questions you will have after reading this:

Why do I not believe that Patrick and Maldesto are the same Person?

Running the client takes a lot of work so it would make sense that Maldesto would hire another person for that job. Also Alek was obviously another person.

How can you be sure that Patrick isnt actually Alek and also pulling off some tax evasion scheme?

Dont see how that would be an option. Also if Alek was still here the discord wouldnt be so weeb infested.


PS: any american user can link me to where I can report vaders to your tax office and get a bounty?


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1 minute ago, Zappster said:

I know this post is a troll but

> The company running OSBot is a shell company registered in the Netherlands. 

How the fuck can it be a shell company when its directly tied to a osbot

2 options:

Either because you dont actually need a company to run a runescape bot so its all just used to funnel the money from the bot to your offshore accounts which is practically the same or I simply didnt put enough effort into this :think:

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