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  1. ez11


    DM me the logs. Also I assume you have tried restarting your client and all that? There hasnt been any change to the script and it works on my end, so I would need some more information to figure out whats wrong.
  2. ez11


    Can you DM me the logs and more details like your settings etc so I can take a look at it. Make sure to set the values in the settings between how many shots should be left in the cannon before the script should refill if you want to keep the cannon firing constantly.
  3. ez11


    Yeah webwalking and mirrormode sometimes just causes issues on updates. Sadly nothing we as scripters can do about it.
  4. ez11


    thanks I will let the dev know to get these webwalking issues fixed could you tell me which Ammonite spot exactly? Northwest, Northeast or South and the coordinates from where you started? the issue here is that osbot cant find a route between your starting location and the spot, so I would obviously need these information so Patrick can know where exactly the issue is.
  5. ez11


    Can you DM me some more details what was happening when the error came up? Does this only happen on the newest release? From what I can see this seems like a webwalking issue, so perhaps just deleting your osbot folder to reinstall webwalking could help.
  6. ez11


    wasnt at home yesterday, so im just gonna give you a 3 day trial mate
  7. ez11


    Can you DM me the logs next time this happens? And also a screenshot where the client returns to after resetting aggro. Also are you running on low cpu mode or something like that?
  8. ez11


    That would be a client problem. The script uses the OSBot API to see if you have the quest completed or not, clearly this returns the wrong answer. Maybe that hook is broken from an update. Was this on mirrormode and have you tried restarting the client?
  9. ez11


    1. If you mean when it does it one time when first starting the script its so the script can know when you will lose aggro 2. Skill issue
  10. because you robbed a bank and now you are hiding from the feds?
  11. He always kinda seemed like a weirdo to me with how he was always simping for american leftwing politics and scottish independence from the UK when the topic of politics came up
  12. just read this tutorial and change the example code at the end to fit whatever you want to interact with
  13. ez11


    I didnt write every little detail about the script because its a crabs script and everyone knows what that means. Anyways I pushed a change to eat below 5 or 6hp if thats lower than the usual percentage for your niche use. Should be updated on OSBots servers in a day or so.
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