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  1. ez11


    Im away for the weekend, if you got any questions or issues dm me and I will get back to you on sunday
  2. ez11


    Im away for the weekend, if you got any questions or issues dm me and I will get back to you on sunday
  3. Im sure people who have been banned for breaking the rules in the first place also respect the ban and dont create new accounts to use the bot
  4. ez11


    Havent heard of any complaints about bans in general and mirrormode has seen some very good results as you can see in the post right above yours.
  5. Dont bot longer than like 4h and split it up with like 1 or 2 breaks between them (or switch accounts instead of taking breaks). If you want to goldfarm just go hard and try to see if your accs last a bit longer if you bot slightly less until you found a good time for your method.
  6. Otherwise you only really need: getOverallPrice(int itemID) to get current osbuddy price (returns 0 if items is not actively traded keep that in mind) sellitem/buyitem and getStatus to see if you have already finished buying/selling. Hope that helps
  7. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/155911-osbot-setup-tutorial/?tab=comments#comment-1936598
  8. 80% breaks doesnt count.
  9. Its not a black image covering the client, that stuff just isnt rendered. Maybe you were looking for -nointerface? Low cpu mode does work but you cant expect it to suddenly make your scripts work at 1/10th the cpu usage lol
  10. ez11


    I think they said they would skip the regular update this or next week, go for the 14 day runtime
  11. ez11

    Mod Muffins

    cancel culture has to stop
  12. are you serious with that question
  13. ez11


    luckily you have to restart the client every week after gameupdates or else you would end up breaking my paint with those runtimes
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