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  1. ez11


    dm me the logs
  2. ez11


    Next time the issue happens check the item you want to alch with the debugger and dm me a screenshot of it + the full logs I already told you the issue has nothing to do with the alching. The script uses OSBots api to check if you have the item you want to alch in your inventory, if the OSBot api tells the script that you dont have the item in your intentory it will log the message about not having the item you want to alch and it will stop alching. Some things simply ometimes have issues on mirror mode.
  3. ez11


    I can tell you these mirrormode issues are just as or probably even more frustrating for us scripters as they are for users
  4. ez11


    Thats just the logs from starting the script. The issue is that if the mirrormode client tells my script that there are no more rune arrows in your inventory the script will then think that you are out of items to alch. What you describe and the logs you posted in an earlier comment just tell me that my script works exactly as it should, just the client is giving it wrong information. Its a known mirrormode issue that sometimes it wont properly recognize whats going on ingame. And if you say that other items work fine that just confirms that its a mirrormode client issue because the script doesnt treat the items you want to alch differently. These mirrormode client bugs can be fixed either by restarting the client or sometimes just by relogging and restarting the script. I wish I could tell you something different, but mirrormode is simply known to have these kinds of issues sometimes and only the mirrormode client developer can improve that. As far as I remember the developer said that these issues are just a byproduct of how the mirrormode reads the game data from the official client and there will likely always be some small issues.
  5. ez11


    If you have purchased the cannon script recently you can dm @Maldesto and he can swap the scripts for you if you have the price difference in store credits. I had someone else before who also wanted the crabs script instead of the cannon one and Maldesto was able to swap them. I dont have any plans to add stunalching here. Mirrormode is sadly a bit unstable and requires you to restart it if things break or didnt load properly. There really isnt much we scripters can do when it doesnt properly work except tracking reports of issues and forwarding them to @MGI (mirrormode dev) if there are enough so he can fix them.
  6. ez11


    1. What exactly is the script doing when its "glitching out"? Also you can set your own positions for cannon and safespot positions, if one of the defaults isnt working use those. 2. Its a cannon script, its made for safespotting with your cannon. If you want a script that does banking and aggroing rockcrabs purchase my crabs script.
  7. ez11


    the GUI has 2 settings Skill to train and goal. You need to make sure you actually select strength as the skill to train. The goal settings just decide on when to stop. And because you can train on shared or might want to stop based on hp level instead of strength level it has to be an extra setting.
  8. Either spamclick to open more official clients or use runelite instead
  9. ez11


    What exactly is your issue and what exactly does the logger say? If its not properly recognizing that you have a quest done on mirrormode its a client issue not a script issue and can only be solved by the client developers.
  10. ez11


    Restart the client. Especially mirrormode has issues sometimes where it doesnt correctly hook into the game so osbots api returns false values sometimes.
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