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  1. ez11


    No one knows what jagex cares about when detecting bots so its all just guessing and trying out things. I dont have issues botting multiple 3-4 hours blocks on mirror, but thats gonna be different depending on a lot of factors like account age or total level etc.
  2. ez11


    The script is only one of many factors when it comes to getting banned, if you dont understand that you wont be happy with any script. That being said I get a lot of positive feedback from people who run this script a lot and very succesful once they have found out what kind of botting to break ratio is good for them.
  3. ez11

    Osrs Update

    Usually works right away, but the game is down atm
  4. ez11


    Update: v2.09: Added new combat mode "Hop and attack" which attacks any active crabs around you if you arent in combat, but hops worlds when someone else is on your selected spot
  5. I assume this is about running mirrormode right? You could put them into different virtual machines. That would avoid the limit afaik. Another option would be to wait for osbot to support runelite for mirrormode which was announced recently. Runelite doesnt have that limit on opening clients. Using runelite for mirrormode might not be as good as using the official client since you are still using a 3rd party client, but probably still good.
  6. ez11


    No there isnt, if i add eating I would also have to add banking etc and at that point its basically the same as using a full combat script. If you are looking for something like that my crabs script supports cannoning that way. Otherwise I would just recommend you to find a spot where you can safespot. Most of the decent cannoning spots are easly safespotable.
  7. You should always nullcheck and you should avoid using regular sleeps. In your example you click on the furnace and in that time your character will still be moving (and 2sec is probably too short, you should use conditional sleeps here) and the interface isnt even open but you already get the widget. But since the interface isnt open you will get null and after your 2sec sleep you will try to interact with a widget thats null. Also if you just try to execute a bunch of orders in a row like you do your script breaks the moment anything doesnt work as it should (lagg for example).
  8. ez11


    Its fixed now
  9. ez11


    Update is pushed but I missed yesterdays (wednesdays) sdn updates, so based on timezones I would assume it should be live on osbots servers in like 10hours since its pretty late here. Sorry about the delays on the fix
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