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  1. ez11


    Im not planning to add looting to this script. I dont see any reason to add looting for ammo specifically since this is a cannoning script and doesnt use any.
  2. ez11


    Change the activity level to either afk on selected spot or anticrash mode
  3. ez11


    Equipping items 1 at a time or withdrawing all and then equipping them is going to be the exact same in terms of creating a pattern for jagex bot detection, so im not planning on updating my script to trick users into believing they are safer by adding pseudo antiban features. sure
  4. Trump 2024 Trump 2028 Trump 2032 Trump 2036 Trump 2040
  5. I cant say for for sure that jagex doesnt track hwid (only jagex anti chea guys can say) buy before I would get a new PC I would just use mirror mode lol You arent vip and you said your goal is to make a nice account but now you mention chain bans which implies you bot multiple accounts, what exactly is your goal here? In my expierence using mirrormode one one account at a time you have a very decent chance at reaching a high total level if your account that already has some legit playtime.
  6. mirrormode is pretty good for lowering your chances to be banned on accs that have legitimate playtime. proxies,vpns etc dont do anything for people who only want to bot for stats (meaning not goldfarming)
  7. ez11


    The logger is at the bottom of the client, the right one of the 4 buttons opens it. If you see any error messages copy the content of the logger and paste into into a https://pastebin.com/ and dm it to me. Otherwise start osbot in debug mode like described here: And it will open another window where it will display more information. okay just saw this comment after I responded to your last one, good that the issue solved itself if you can reproduce any error just let me know lol
  8. ez11


    Can you give some more information on what you are doing? Settings, tell me whats in the logger and where exactly the script gets stuck? I havent pushed any changes to the script code, so perhaps a game update could have broke something/created a client bug.
  9. ez11


    sorry trials only for vip users
  10. ez11


    It works at any bank/chest that has the option "Bank". I just use it at ge to get early crating levels for quest reqs.
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