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  1. So you are telling me if someone told you today the CIA tries to mindcontrol people by using lsd that you wouldnt consider it a "crazy conspiracy theory"? What about those "crazy conspiracy theories" that epstein didnt kill himself
  2. The CIA mind control program also only got known to the public 20 years or so after it started. For all of these stories someone has to do the first step and be the one to expose it at some point, otherwise we obviously wouldnt know about it. So how can you say with confidence its not true just because its not public knowledge yet? How do you know he isnt just one of the first people to break the story? Thats gotta be something you have to think about. Seems kinda like weird logic to say it cant be real because someone would have leaked it if it was and to then tell the person w
  3. ez11


    it doesnt. You should pick a spot where you dont get hit when refilling like castlewars orges for example
  4. ez11


    I gave you a trial but as gunman said scripters dont handle the payments. You can find people selling vouchers here https://osbot.org/forum/forum/227-vouchers/
  5. hello, could you help me please? 

    i have bought a script and i dont know where to download it from.

    thank you.

    1. ez11


      Just start the client and it will be there

  6. If its not obvious where that area is on the map just go there on the client and enable player debug to see your position. Often these areas are moved a few thousand on the y axis
  7. I think you need to cancel it in paypal
  8. ez11


    You already had a trial for this script last year hence why it didnt activate the trial today. Didnt realise that or I would have told you earlier, sorry about that
  9. I think spoilers are broken since the forum was last updated
  10. Its a ragging script. No matter how you write the code its obvious that its a bot and because you are ragging people you will get reported all the time.
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