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  1. Rxd

    Stealth NMZ

    Could I have an trial please
  2. lets fucking go, preach it brother. These retard demorats don't know whats coming. CCP owns biden and clinton foundation. Let's go Trump, defeat the evil. Soldier of god, Allah knows best.
  3. Hail hitler LET'S GO TRUMP
  4. now we just need xrz or krys or w/e that cunt was and the circle is complete.
  5. Greetings intrigued osbottians, who the fuck took us down? Sincerely, One angry white boy. wtf all zappo's server boosts gone to shit innit,.
  6. skinnyclaw will feel wrath of USADA evading triple C apprentice.
  7. Rxd

    Hey :)

    About to partake in illegal activities.
  8. would go an hour on, break for some time, do a farm run manually; a little bit of slayer manually, then back to botting, find a pattern that works for you and that can fit in your timeline. As for what certain day to bot, man that's all superstition and borderline "Anti ban in scripts" fuckery. also depends on your zulrah run time can you get a kill under 1:30? 1 hour that's significant progress. It's all an personal decision. It sounds cliche, but the truth never lies. Just like the old "calories in, calories out for weight loss" it sucks, but it's just thermodynamics
  9. Rxd

    OSBot hacked me

    they had us in the first half
  10. Rxd is 2 sexy. Say it w/ me R X D S E X Y
  11. he died of his death unfortunately
  12. 10 years ago Ortega was sacrificed for this. Tony time bitches!
  13. shitposting crusade? fucking faggots.
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