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  1. Wreckin left Positive feedback   

    Yo, is Progressive Agility still ok to use?

    Juggles was The Seller

  2. dontmethup left Positive feedback   

    got a script told me take till tomorrow had it done same day and worked great

    Juggles was The Seller

  3. Molten left Positive feedback   

    Bought a private script off juggles for RSGP, Made my private script the same day and helping me tune the script up exactly as I like it :)

    Juggles was The Seller

  4. TrunksBot left Positive feedback   

    Bought his Slayer script as well as some RSGP from him. Script worked great, and the gold trade also went smooth. Friendly guy and always helpful in discord!

    Juggles was The Seller

  5. whoabee left Positive feedback   

    I brought a private script off juggles, awesome dude to deal with. Will be going back again in the future, good pricing and awesome quality script exactly what i had in mind. Highly recommend to anyone A++

    Juggles was The Seller

  6. whoisthisguy left Positive feedback   

    I bought 2 private scripts of Juggles. Super efficient guy and very helpful. Answered questions about the scripts alongside more general questions about botting. Would hugely recommend and will return again.

    Juggles was The Seller

  7. Planet left Positive feedback   

    Dude's amazing. Purchased a private script and got it to me in only 2 days. Trusted with 350M+ bank as well!

    Juggles was The Seller

  8. time to bot left Positive feedback   

    Top bloke, keep a professional aditude and was happy to help, made it very fast any kept me up to date with the progress of the script constanly, also reasonable pricing

    Juggles was The Seller

  9. Peterwins left Positive feedback   

    I bought a private script from Juggles. This was my first time ever having a private script made so I was a little nervous about the whole thing. I talked with Juggles about the script idea and he said he could do it! He was really quick to get the script programmed and has always fixed small little bugs very promptly! I am loving this script! If you are in the market for a private script I highly recommend you reach out to Juggles and see if he can make the script for you.

    Juggles was The Seller

  10. dcc4 left Positive feedback   

    Best private scripter I've used. Script met requirements with small bugs being sorted at top priority. If you need a script Juggles is your guy.

    Juggles was The Seller

  11. MPLTO left Positive feedback   

    Purchased a private script and got it in a few hours. :) Juggles is very helpful and helped fix some small bugs with the scripts within minutes.

    Juggles was The Seller

  12. Emerald12 left Positive feedback   

    Requested Juggles to make a private script for me. He had it completed by the following morning. Script is working flawlessly. He even offered to fix the script for free if there were to be any bugs in the future. Would definitely recommend anyone out there looking for a knowledgeable and trustworthy person to make you a private script. 10/10 !!

    Juggles was The Seller

  13. Nervoxin left Positive feedback   

    The script Juggles made for me is by far some of the best stuff I've seen in a while! He's been able to accomplish all my requests and has been extremely helpful!

    Juggles was The Seller

  14. Probemas left Positive feedback   

    Sold 201m to us!

    Juggles was The Seller

  15. rkiqakriawk left Positive feedback   

    Prompt service and very polite. Script works great. Thank you!

    Juggles was The Seller

  16. steinstein left Positive feedback   

    paid for a script had it done in about 8 hours after asking was very courteous and helpful the entire time figuring out the mess of an idea i had

    Juggles was The Seller

  17. aliraj left Positive feedback   

    Did a service for him :) nice to deal with

    Juggles was The Buyer

  18. RoundBox left Positive feedback   

    Made a private script for me, was more than generous with the agreed price and made it so quickly!

    Juggles was The Seller

  19. COBRA left Positive feedback   


    Juggles was The Seller

  20. Malcolm left Positive feedback   

    Juggles MM a $700 Trade. EZPZ :doge:

    Juggles was Trading

  21. Chinaman left Positive feedback   

    Bought a private script! Cheap & Fast Delivery!

    Juggles was The Seller

  22. COBRA left Positive feedback   

    Bought 100m fast and easy like always!!

    Juggles was The Seller

  23. MarinoNY left Positive feedback for a topic   

    osrs gold
    Purchased another 200m OSRS from Juggles. This is our 2nd transaction, and as always prompt and trustworthy. Traded BTC for it and I went first. Thank you and look forward to our next transaction.

    Juggles was The Seller

  24. clarteise left Positive feedback   

    Bought a private script from Juggles, was delivered fast and he was very helpful after giving me the script, fixing issues quickly and even offering more of his time to deliver me a slightly altered version of the script upon request, stand-up job!

    Juggles was The Seller

  25. alle02 left Positive feedback   

    Have Bought few private scripts from Juggles, very nice person and easy to deal with aswell as a great scripter

    Juggles was The Seller

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