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  1. Yes that task is too dangerous.
  2. The script is functioning. What issues are you having?
  3. Do you have the key to taverly dungeon? in bank
  4. Can you provide screenshots/videos of the issue? I just ran the script with no issues.
  5. What issue are you having? Yes
  6. How can we assist you today?
  7. Unfortunate it isnt fixed yet
  8. Does your logger show "BANK"? Also you should use sleep conditions so the script is more efficient instead of sleep(300); I'm assuming your using the chest in lumbridge basement? I think the bank isn't actually coded in getBank.open();. Instead create an object and open the bank. RS2Object bank = getObjects.closest(BANK_CHEST_NAME); if (bank!=null && !getBank().isOpen) { if (bank.interact("Open"); sleepCondition(Until_bank_is_open, 1500); }
  9. It is that time of year, I am releasing my new and updated gold farming guide for you guys Happy Holidays My background: I have been involved in the botting scene for over a decade now. Have ran huge farms of 100+ bots at a time. This is my knowledge I have learned over many years and I would like to share with you. Tips You will eventually be banned by gold farming. There is no way around it. The key is to profit as much as you can before getting banned. Don't complain when you get banned. Mule the gold every few hours so you do not risk losing out on profits Find a good private script Buy a VPS to increase the size of your farm Do not bot stupid stuff like Blast Furnace or woodcutting and expect to not be banned. No one is going to tell you their gold farm method so do not ask Test things out to see what is profitable. Buy VIP to expand your gold farm(if you plan to run more than 2) Get sponsor if you plan to be a long term gold farmer. Once you have a nice set up, invest in Sponsor. If you do not want to pay for a private script, then learn to code yourself. You can be writing your own simple scripts in a few weeks of practicing it. Here is my progression scripting thread http://osbot.org/forum/topic/95239-becoming-a-script-writer/page-1 P2p>F2p. Bond costs should only take a day or less to recover It costs money to make money. Learn to use Linux. Dedicated servers are better than VPS's. There are a lot of different types of gold farms. Gold farming zulrah or gold farming f2p clay miners, the end result is to profit. Automate your script as best as you can. More automation = more laziness on your part and more profits. Use CLI if you want to keep your farm organized and launch them fast. Tutorial Island bans/locks have increased over the years, this is not due to the script but your IP. Residential IP's are what you need. Don't let others discourage you. Surround yourself with other positive people who want to see you succeed, not fail. Look for updates within OSRS. Every week Jagex does an update which could potentially release new money making methods. If your gold farming method begins to decrease in profits, it is okay to switch to something else. Runescape has unlimited methods. Basic FAQ 1) Is OSRS profitable? Yes there is a lot of money to be made in gold farming Runescape. I just read the other day that someone gold farmed enough to get lazer eye surgery to improve their eye sight. Other people have made thousands of dollars from it so it is possible. This does not mean that it is easy though. 2) How do I know what is profitable? My suggestion from personal experience is go to around Runescape and find random things that are profitable. There are a lot of things that are not common and make anywhere from 200-500k/hour. I've found many methods that make good money just from exploring osrs. 3) What is a private script? It is a script bought by only you and no one else has access. 4) Should I use a private script or a public script? Private scripts are better because they are unique to only you. If you are wanting to start a gold farm, I strongly suggest buying a private script. 5) Where do I buy a private script? Many scripters sell private scripts. Go to the private script section to search for some. 6) How do I get the private script to show up? Place it in your Users/Osbot/Scripts folder. Refresh your client and it will appear 7) What is a VPS? Basically its something that lets you run more bots. If you have a shitty computer, then get a VPS to run more bots. 7) What is a proxy? A proxy is used to change your ip on the client. It does not lower ban rates but it prevents chain bans. This means that all your accounts are not linked on the same IP. 9) What is a mule? An account that holds your gold and is not botted 10) Will my mule get banned? It is very hard for a mule to get banned( very low chance but still possible) 12) Should I bot f2p or p2p? p2p is the way to go. P2p bots have a lower ban rate and there are a lot better methods. 13) Why should I invest money if I am just going to be banned? If you find a good method and bot smart, you will make profit. 14) How many hours a day should I bot? No one knows the answer to this. There's always a risk in botting. 15) Does the weekend really have a lower ban rate? From what I have seen, yes it does. Jagex is out of the office during these days. This does not mean you cannot be banned, but I know a lot of people who run huge gold farms starting Friday-Monday morning. 16) What are breaks? Breaks are a user selected option that allows you to control how long to bot for and when to not bot. Many people believe that having breaks can reduce the ban rate. 17) What is Mirror Mode? It is a VIP only feature that masks the official runescape client so that Jagex cannot detect that you are using a third party app. -- I have no opinion on this-- 18) What is CLI mode? It is an easier way to gold farm if you are running a lot of bots. I highly suggest using it. Here are the two links to the official release of them and how to use them. http://osbot.org/forum/topic/100378-osbot-24678-bot-farming-made-easy-cli-finished/page-1 http://osbot.org/forum/topic/101897-osbot-2471-low-resource-mode-web-walking-fixes/page-1 19) How is CLI mode useful? It allows you to set up your bots a lot quicker. With one click, you could open up 10 different clients all on different proxies, world selected, and script selected. 20) How do I use CLI? Copy and paste this into notepad (fill in the username,password, and pin as they apply). Save the file as a .bat You can add or remove these as you like. If you have any more questions I suggest trying the Discord. java -jar "%recent%" -allow lowresource,lowcpu -login Useraname:Password -bot username:password:pin -script scriptname:para 21) Is gold farming really easy? At first no. It takes time to find a good method and to set everything up. It is a lot of checking on your bots and making sure they're running smoothly. The goal in the end is to be able to only spend a few minutes each day and to make a lot of money. 22) How much antiban should I have in my script? There is real anti ban and fake anti ban. Read #4 here in this thread made by @@Alek: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/45618-preventing-rs-botting-bans/page-1 23) OMG I got banned, Jagex is too pro what do I do? You are botting, so expect to be banned. Make new accounts and move on. 24) Can an account survive for more than a few days? Yes I've had accounts last 40-50 day without getting banned. It's all about botting smart. Here is a picture of an account I botted while making my AIO fighter: UPDATE: I WILL POST A NEW SCREEN SHOT SOON. BOTTED MY ACCOUNT TO 99 ATT, 99 STR, 90 DEF. Yes you can bot and be successful. 25) Should I check woodcut xp? Always 26) Is Gold Farming stressful? I've actually seen a lot of people ask this question. My answer is it can be if done the wrong way. The point of gold farming is to check your bots every few hours not constantly monitor them and have to worry about 10 accounts. 27) What benefits does VIP offer? What is the difference between sponsor and VIP? That is all explained here along with other ranks: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/50019-understanding-the-forum-ranks/ 28) Who should I sell my gold to? I only sell my gold to the big companies like Bogla, Arcus, Kaii, etc. You can also sell to trusted people on here. I would not recommend using PayPal to people who are not trusted. 29) How often should I mule the gold over? Safe way is to do it every few hours. 30) What should I do while I am running my bots? Go in Discord and chat with friends. 31) I keep losing money on bonds and can't profit, what is wrong? Rethink your plan. If you're not profiting, you're doing something wrong. Either change methods or change the hours your botting or do something different. Repeating the same thing over and over again is called insanity. 32) Where can I buy good vps's? OVH, LowEndBox 33) VPS or Dedi? Both are good but I like servers better. 34) How do I set up my dedicated server? Look up scripts that will automatically download everything for you 35) Why do I keep getting locked on tut? You need to use a residential IP. Jagex monitors tutorial Island IP's very strict these days. 36) Why does no one reveal their methods to me? Most farmers will not release their methods nor help you. It does not benefit them. Doing your own research is the best way to learn. Realistically we are on an online forum where people become bullies. Don't let others bring you down and if you want to be successful, in gold farming, work for it. 37) Should I always sell my gold instantly? From personal experience, I have never had a mule banned. I think you're safe trading gold from your slaves to your mules. 38) How do I know I can trust the people I am selling gold to? I have a strict few people that I regularly sell gold to. I would not suggest using PayPal with random people because it is not worth the hassle if they charge back. Thinkof it like this, you get an extra $10 100m sold to a random who charges you back a day later. Now you're out all of that money instead of just losing $10 for selling it for cheaper. 39) My VPS lags, why? Most VPS's will lag, it shouldn't affect your bots though. 40) When should I expand my farm? I always tell people to start small. You don't want to get burned for a big amount early on. Find a method, do some testing for a few days and see how it goes. You can always expand in a week but you can't take back the loss if you get banned with 20 bonded accounts. 41) Sponsor or VIP? I suggest VIP for 1 month for testing and if you find success, invest in Sponsor. It pays itself off in a year and has lots of benefits. Gold farming is a long term business. Don't be like my friend @THS who has been a VIP for years and could have saved money on sponsor (Luv u @THS <3) (No I was paid by OSBot to say this) 42) Where can I find additional help? There are thousands of thread on OSBot available to offer you advice. Sythe also has a lot of guides. The Discord can be very helpful sometimes along with the OSBot discord. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Some people will ignore you but some will also help you. 43) Skype or Discord? Why do I need these? Why not both? I use both forms of communication. It's always good to have a fast way to talk to other people especially on mobile. Also a good way to know when OSBot is back up on Thursday after updates. A lot of companies will also buy your gold and communication through these are a lot better. In my personal opinion, I prefer Discord though 44) My method has high reqs, what should I do? You can either bot them yourself, hand make the accounts yourself, or pay someone else to do it. Depending on the method, it might be worth it to pay someone else. Your end goal here is to profit, so make sure there is a good margin of profit before the account gets banned. 45) How do I find trusted people to level my account? Go to the service section on OSBot and look for people with high feedback and active in the community doing services. 46) So are you saying I should stay away from new people? No. You can use them too for services but remember that they are not as trusted. If anything, use a MM for payment and have minimal risk on the account. Everyone has to start somewhere right? Just make sure you protect yourself. 47) I worked so hard and made 10m gold farming! How do I safely sell my gold? If you are selling to people on the forums who are not resellers, I suggest using a MM. It takes 2 minutes to find a MM and to ensure a safe trade. Don't let someone scam you for your profits. If you want to be 100% safe, go to the big guys like Bogla, Probemas, etc 48) Doesn't it cost electricity to run farms? If you are running your farm out of your own home, make sure you take this into account. It varies by region but just know you will be increasing your electricity bill if you're running lots of servers from your home. 49) Best place to run a farm? Local library. Use CLI to hide all your bots and no one will know. Won't cost you a dime in servers or electricity. @Chris and I run a huge farm from our College library. I'm only kidding 50) What day does Jagex update? Every Thursday there is an update. Occasionally I see an update come out Monday morning but that rarely happens. 51) Do scripts break after an update on Thursday? 99% of scripts will NOT break. What happens on Thursday is the Client cannot properly read what is happening in Runescape. This will cause ALL scripts to temporarily break and the scripter CANNOT fix this. They must wait for the Developers to fix the hooks in the client. 52) What is that 1% of the time a script will break after an update? If Jagex changes something that specifically affects your script, then it could cause it to break. An example I saw was when Jagex remodeled the Sand Crab area and moved all the crabs around. This caused all Sand Crab scripts to break because the areas were off. I've only seen them update Sand Crabs one time since they were released. 53) Should I spam threads and the Discord on thursday if scripts break? No. Give it time. 54) How often does the client break on Thursday? From what I see, it usually only happens once a month. I'd say about 75% of the updates that Jagex does not break the client. I've seen OSBot not need an update for months at a time and then other times it breaks like 3 weeks in a row. This is NOT the Developers fault. Jagex breaks the client and the Devs have to fix it. 55) What is the difference between a Scripter and a Developer on OSBot? Scripter- makes scripts and edits anything in their own personal scripts Developers- handle the client, API and hooks 56) What is the Logger? It is in the Bottom right hand corner of osbot, click to open the log. This is very helpful for scripters if there is an issue in the script. 57) How can I help my scripter fix a problem in the script faster? Provide screenshots of the logger, your screen and give an explanation of what happened. This will help us a lot to find out the cause of the issue. 58) How often should I sell my gold? I like to sell anything above 50m, but I've held on to over 750m at a time. I don't think it really matters but I always like to be safe just incase that one time you get caught. No one wants to lose money. 59) Why does everyone troll me on the forums when asking for help? Most people on the forums have been here a long time and see a lot of new people come in trying to leech advice. There's nothing wrong with asking for help, but don't be that guy asking for help every 5 minutes. Most things can be solved on your own. There is a General Help section in the OSBot discord if you truly cannot understand something but first attempt it please. 60) Why does my client freeze when I run two tabs? Even though technically you can run more than 1 tab, the feature doesn't work. It will freeze your client. Instead open multiple clients to run more than 1 bot. 61) How long should I bot for? (If you take anything from this guide, please read this last question). IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW MANY DAYS YOUR ACCOUNT LASTS, IT IS ABOUT HOW MANY HOURS OF BOTTING YOU GOT IN. IF YOU SUICIDE BOT FOR 2 DAYS STRAIGHT, THAT IS 48 HOURS OF PROFIT. THAT IS EQUIVALENT TO BOTTING 4 HOURS A DAY OVER A 2 WEEK PERIOD. What I am trying to say here is, just because you make the account last longer, it doesn't mean you're making more profits. This especially applies to methods where you can easily replicate accounts. For example, if you're botting flax, you can make a new account in 15 minutes. If you are suiciding it for 2 days and get banned, it is the same as getting banned after 2 weeks botting 4 hours a day. You actually lost 12 days of gold farming there and lost expenses in a VPS. My point here is, go by total amount of time botted, not days. So many people I talk to do not understand this. I hope this clears it up. 50 hours over 2 days is better than 50 hours over 2 weeks. Short Personal Story I started gold farming about 3 years ago because I wanted to make some part time money. When I first started my farm, I was at around -$150 after a few days. I was depressed and wanted to quit but I kept doing research and finally found out how to be successful. The point I am trying to make here is that you will probably lose money at first as well. Gold farming takes time and you need to learn all the ins and outs of it. This is a successful market and you can make money. Lots of people are doing it but they didn't just get lucky. We've put hours and hours into research, scripts, investments, finding the rights methods, servers, proxies, etc. It takes time and it doesn't come easy. Just like any other business. I hope this helps you guys out and motivates more people to get into the business *I will be adding more to this over the next few days as more things pop into my head* If anyone else has some advice to add let me know and I'll put it in the thread
  10. Yes i had to limit it to prevent price crashes./
  11. There is no safe spotting in this script.
  12. What does your inv look like?
  13. What lvl acc you running it on? Never had this issue on any of my accounts.
  14. Are you following the guide to enter them in the correct format?
  15. Yes Texting system is currently down as gmail reached max emails i can send per a day since so many users were using the feature. Looking to add more emails to it in the future.
  16. What is your HP Lvl? If youre like 20 HP then that means itll only eat when it gets to 1HP since 10% of 20 is 2 and it eats when it is less than 2.
  17. You have to make a post on the refund section. Script writers cant refund.
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