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  1. Naked Scripts Best Scripts

  2. As title indicates, selling CSGO skins. Link to inventory: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198953598803/inventory/ Note: Inventory gets refreshed every week, chances are if you see an item in there that you want, it'll be gone within a day or two of its trade lock expiring. Add my discord to discuss or leave a note on my steam profile. Discord: Decode#9999 Talon Knife CH is NFS unless very tempting offer. (#2 float)
  3. I've got a few that you might be interested in but they already have registered emails, drop me a PM with your discord if you're interested. As has been mentioned numerous times already though, no registered email doesn't do anything with regards to the account being recovered.
  4. Decode

    LF ironman

    Whats your budget & Discord?
  5. Sent you a request.
  6. I've got a starter zerker/main that has b gloves + lunars completed already. Would only accept payment in GP though.
  7. What sort of budget do you have? PM me your discord. Got 2 starters (really good ones) for sale but they wont be cheap.
  8. Wrong section. This is the section to post in if you're applying for an existing service. To offer your services to other users, please make a post in this section https://osbot.org/forum/forum/31-services/ Also, don't forget to read the ToS thread (pinned).
  9. Should find it here https://osbot.org/forum/clients/addresses/
  10. Value wise: 1.7k TTL main: 350-450m Skiller: Could vary from anywhere between 150-300m (Niche market, hard to put a precise price on it and would depend on if you've got anyone interested) Any untradeables on the 99 smithing account besides the coal bag? Also how many quests completed?
  11. Just make sure you're on the right website.
  12. Never tried it for blast furnacing but I would assume that you should be okay.
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