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  1. This is a sad day for discord and therefore the rest of the world
  2. get well soon

  3. see if u can ban urself

  4. Vote mute should be a thing imo, but bots don't listen to each other on discord so we'd need the other bot to impliment that or port it from python; https://github.com/NotSoSuper/NotSoBot/blob/7ae4a174b4e38b5c380ad7e69ebadf049d67a325/mods/Moderation.py#L466. Not so sure about vote kick, you'd probably need to limit it to donators/scripters to reduce the chance of abuse
  5. if ur still alive find me in osbot discrd

  6. Hey, so, did this thread start off as you imagined or is it already over?
  7. I know this post is a troll but > The company running OSBot is a shell company registered in the Netherlands. How the fuck can it be a shell company when its directly tied to a osbot
  8. It works out at about 9 hours if you're going from 14-40 (including mining the pure ess) with fire runes providing you already have dueling rings and stats to mine the ess. If you're a *wired* 10 hour guy i can see it being possible
  9. Just for clarification, you're not expecting 40 runecrafting aswell, are you? Because if so I really don't think 2-3 weeks is possible.
  10. It's just an iframe. https://github.com/TitanEmbeds/Titan
  11. Chatbox is really, really dead now that we've all moved over to Discord, but there's still people who go to the chatbox looking for help. I suggest removing it or use something like https://titanembeds.com/ to embed discord instead.
  12. This is actually really cool
  13. The discord is great and it's helped so many people, you should definitely check it out. Thanks for putting your time towards this again Chris
  14. ye, probably hooked by the second episode
  15. Maybe read an intro on try + catch statments https://www.w3schools.com/java/java_try_catch.asp
  16. I heard Saiyan has a working beta version of a script already
  17. Lost all my fucking twisted bows I started collecting today :///
  18. pretty cool script to get anglers with tbh. Gz on release
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