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    Show me the logs. Perhaps the client didnt load inventory correctly and doesnt recognize the cannon in your inventory? edit: nvm its just client not being updated after gameupdate.
  2. where the fuck is my dark mode
  3. I dont see any option for that
  4. ez11


    what exactly do you mean? It has custom breaks in progressive mode and obviously you can always just use the default osbot breaks that work just fine tbh
  5. ez11


    trial is active now
  6. ez11


  7. ez11


    Dont got plans on adding that tbh. Its rather niche and doesnt actually put much of a dent into the gp/exp. Its an allround cannoning script so basically anywhere other than at the caged ogres this will just cause a lot more issues than benefits I think.
  8. Pat changed 3 lines of code and the big client detection change jagex hyped up is avoided once again fucking based
  9. ez11


    trial is active, gl botting.
  10. ez11


    read the comment above yours
  11. not your fault jagex is so bad at coding their own game. unless ofc your new job was at jagex
  12. every single ip you will ever rent will have had dozens of osrs accs banned on it already.
  13. Nice one el Patrico
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