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  1. Hi this is fixed in the latest update I pushed
  2. Hi the way osbot has it set up is that if you dont renew, you have to repurchase it again Y Yeah sadly that is the only place to kill Ice Giants and for the first 10 minutes you have aggro on so the ice warriors will occassionaly PJ you
  3. Hi I just tested this feature and it is working for me. Did you check the box for free access to brimhaven but dont have free access? You have to pay on your acc to get the free access. Pls check this for me and let me know
  4. Just to give everyone a heads up. Osbuddy GE Method broke to day so the feature to Loot Above X isn't currently working. This is not an issue in the script but on OSbuddy's side
  5. Hello sorry to hear that. Can you send me a screenshot of all your settings?
  6. Currently the script only supports melee as melee is efficient for 95% of tasks. It was polled earlier this year to add blowpipe or not but as almost no one uses range for slayer we didnt add it. It does have prayer support for specific tasks, like aberrant spectres, dragons, black demons etc
  7. It buys any required items for tasks. Start it with your best weapon/armor and it will swap it to other required items automatically
  8. No stat requirements. Just start it with some GP and a varrock teleport in the bank. Only other requirement is if you plan on doing Spiritual creatures task, make sure you have entered GWD at least one time yourself(This task is like 65+ slayer so it only matters if you're that high)
  9. The script attacks the closest monster to your player that isn't under attack
  11. P lease join the discord for all trial requests. https://discord.gg/ZJKJewm This is an automated message.
  12. Hi thanks for the report. The vial issue has been fixed in version 1.06. Regarding the glory issue, I am unable to replicate the issue. It is restocking the glory for me. Can you send me a screenshot of your inv + equipment so i can try to replicate it? Also in v1.07 i added more logs to check for this issue
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