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  1. No buy the dragon killer script made by someone else for that
  2. I just ran the script and working flawlessly for me. Can you send me screenshots/videos of it so I can help you.
  3. You are using the free version, you cant edit anything in that. You have to buy the premium version to unlock all the features. The only thing the free version can do is kill monsters.
  4. Send me a screenshot of whats going on please
  5. Send me your settings and I can help you. You are most likely entering something wrong
  6. You're killing them off task or was this on task?
  7. Breaks handled by client not script mate. Contact Patches o’hullahan
  8. Send a screenshot of your GUI you’re entering something incorrect
  9. Do you have grand trees unlocked on your account? That is the main teleport method it uses, most places only take 1 sip of stamina to reach
  10. So i pushed an update and everything seems to be working on my end now. Let me know. Takes 24 hours for it to be released
  11. Ok thanks for the info I will look into it. Is the rest of the path working fine if you have the necklaces on/in inv?
  12. If you set it up at the specific task, yes. But it won't grab new tasks or proper gear, you will have to do that manually with the AIO Fighter
  13. Are you using edgeville or running method?
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