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Community Answers

  1. You have to make a post on the refund section. Script writers cant refund.
  2. What operating system are you on chief?
  3. Hey im looking for a script to eat pray pots and ranging/mage pots for chinning.

  4. Yeah you should have that screen disabled before using the script
  5. You have to contact OSbot support, i dont have control over that.
  6. Regarding the save button, what do you mean it does not work? I just tested it and it is working properly for me. You hit save and then you can hit Load to load your previous settings. Regarding the Miscellaneous tab, you can hover over everything to see all options. It is a graphical error that is occurring on your side of the GUI.
  7. Hello mate, just needing a quote for custom script

  8. It saves settings in your osbot folder in a notepad Use the Noted items to loot tab
  9. do you do custom scripts like for pking?

  10. Reset the client and see if that fixes it. Working for me fine.
  11. Are you on mirror or reg client?
  12. Did you have another glory in bank?
  13. The script doesnt advertise safe spotting.
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