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  1. Dear users, Earlier today we experienced issues on our servers that caused multiple services to lag out. The source of the main issue has been identified, but we are further investigating as we suspect there could have been a multi-facetted issue that we have not fully identified yet. Servers seem to be stable again for now. Must any issues arise again, we are here to mitigate them as quickly as possible. Sincerely yours, The OSBot team
  2. Dear community, OSBot 3.0 AI Transition The last two months we have been thinking, conjuring ideas, to improve the OSBot experience for everyone. Scripters, recreational botters and larger scale operators all have their own goals and requirements. Improvements in user experience is defined differently for each party. We have tried to address all angles and came up with a series of improvements that we have started working on. Resources (CPU, memory etc) requirements becoming lower, MirrorMode stability, RuneLite support, server side WebWalking, new UI and UX for the client and website ; these are all features that are well within the possibilities, innovative but not groundbreaking. We will call the completion of these features Phase One. We want to go a step deeper, eventually, introducing complexer forms of AI to further reduce ban rates, user experience and efficiency. We will call the completion of these features Phase Two. We have big plans and will release more insights over the months to come. Once everything is in place, Phase One and Phase Two are completed, we can mark the birth of OSBot 3.0: Autonomous artificial intelligent botting that creates a whole new level of experience. MirrorMode stability Many of the issues encountered with MirrorMode stem from certain incorrect assumptions made on availability of data at will. MirrorMode is a feature that literally copies the state of the game, brings it in to a seperate container where data is transferred to and eventually can be used to analyze and produce actions which are then passed back out of the container in to the original gameclient, leaving no detectable traces of the bot client. This means that if you, as a scripter, use fixed timers and expect action a to result in outcome b, you will run in to problems that break your script. Much of this requires understanding of how exactly MirrorMode works and for obvious reasons not everything can be disclosed. After all, we are the only client out there that has true Mirror technology. So how do we know for certain where certain issues stem from? What we will do is create a series of scripts and additional features to lower banrates. Knowing the ins and outs of MirrorMode, if there are any bugs that are to blame MirrorMode, we will find them and sort them out. The result should be that any issues that technically stemmed from the MirrorMode implementation will be sorted and all scripts that were affected by this will have their issues solved too. That said, after reviewing many cases, we believe that plenty of issue arise from script implementations rather than MirrorMode issues. Going forward, we will address any issues that stem from MirrorMode itself and after that, we can know for certain what the source of ongoing issues may be. Personification technology Every human is different. We are building shallow AI that will create a unique personality for every account. This means that every account will play the game differently, every activity they do will have a flavour of their own. This should greatly reduce detectability and combined with the technology mentioned in the next section, improve overall experience. Autonomous learning hive botting Bots focus on doing one thing for a long time. It's simply not humanlike. Humans make decisions and, as new information become available, re-evaluate their decisions over time. The botting scene has not innovated much in this regard. Aside from the mentioned Personification technology, which is focussed more on how we execute specific tasks in a unique way per person, we also all make different decisions based on our emotions, available information and preferences in terms of how we tackle our challenges and reach our goals. Humans interact with each other and consume new information, resulting in different behaviour. We set goals and then construct how to reach these goals in an efficient way, with varying degrees of efficiency over time as we learn. We will start to build a basis to create a collective consciousness and leverage changes in information to create alternative, growing and changing itineraries of how accounts as individuals and a collective reach their goals. We will leverage this technology in the OSBot Gold series as we learn, test and verify the system and eventually make these features available to other scripts. The result will be that every account will reach their goals in diffferent ways, scrambling any sense of automated copied behaviour. Welcome to the future of AI botting. Serverside WebWalking This is a feature that is not so easily made available to everyone. Serversided WebWalking would greatly reduce the resources used on the client side, but one must understand that if these computations are not made on the client side, they will have to be done on the serverside and computational power simply costs money. We believe however that we can optimize this, where we can make calculations for the collective of accounts that on average reduce the total required computational power. This results in lower costs as a collective. We are working on how we can make this available at a cost effective rate as a premium feature to cover the costs, whilst making it available to you at a lower cost than having to do it on your own servers. RuneLite support You have been asking this for a while and it is here. Expect it to be released this week as we are finalizing tests. We hope you will enjoy the compatibility and that future updates of RuneLite will not focus on breaking this compatibility. We advise against using RuneLite as we have found evidence that certain features in RuneLite could be used in bot detection. OSBot Gold series We know our scripters have done a great job at creating many scripts over the years. We want to know for sure that we can provide high quality scripts going forward and improve all existing scripts by creating our own range of official OSBot scripts. By creating our own range of scripts we will run in to any and all issues that relate to the OSBot client and sort them out. We hope that, if any issues remain with previously existing scripts, we can encourage scripters to step up their game and solve ongoing bugs that are no longer possible to be linked to our client base. We want to support existing scripters over time to find these issues, whilst we work on our side to improve that what is on our end. The outcome should benefit the users, which in turn benefits the scripters as the userbase grows who have access to a range of official OSBot and third party scripts that are close to flawless. Scripters won't be undercut by the official series, something we want to emphasize on to prevent confusion. MirrorMode for all MirrorMode has been a feature exclusive to VIP subscribers. This will remain to be for some time, but we want to make MirrorMode free for all users to decrease detectability for the collective. In return, many of the new features we are creating, will become exclusive to VIP members to ensure they get the most value out of their subscription. As we work on finding any and all issues on our end, whilst producing a series of scripts of the highest standard possible, we want everyone to benefit from zero technical detectability and by doing so automatically reduce the input our client gives to machine learning algorithms designed to find and identify botting behaviour, reducing bans on behaviour. Other/misc There are more features you have requested, but we need to be realistic and make decision for the foreseaable future where we deploy our limited time and resources. We believe the above plans, which is a subset of all our ideas and plans, is where we improve the experience of the entire community in a steady way. Must we fall short and there are topics you are missing, we can re-evaluate and consider changes, but we believe the above plans will make many people very happy. Final words We hope that everyone can be excited about these upcoming features and we hope to have everything in place, step by step releasing features and scripts, between now and the end of Q1 2022. A big shoutout to everyone who has worked relentlessly to keep OSBot going, Forward and onwards, The OSBot team
  3. Dear community, It has been a long search and tough decision on who we needed to continue the active development of OSBot. Several candidates were carefully reviewed and the decision was difficult to say the least. We are happy to announce that we think we have found the perfect candidate to follow up on the outstanding work that @Alek has always delivered. Without further ado, I want to present you our new developer: @Patrick A.K.A. Pat-Ji with a selfwritten introduction: The last administrative formalities are currently being taken care of and from here on out we'll be able to bring Pat-ji in to the working mix, by gradually giving him acccess to the bits and bytes of OSBot. We are really happy to have @Patrick on the team and are looking forward to his contributions to OSBot. Yours sincerely, The OSBot team
  4. I will shortly post an update to announce our new developer. Excited :)!
  5. Dear community, Dear Alek, As some of you may have noticed by now, Alek, our long time beloved developer, has been forced to resign his duties as he will take on a job offer as an engineer at a defense company. We are happy for Alek he was given this opportunity and want to take time to thank him in full for his service to OSBot and we are sad to see him leave. Alek came to OSBot as a script writer, writing unbreakable scripts with the passion of a young lion, eager to learn more. We, as a team, became friends with you, Alek, and you step by step became an undismissable cornerstone of OSBot. Starting out managing the SDN, stepping up your game to manage the scripters and become a developer for the bot core modules, you literally knew every part of OSBot like no other. Your endless energy to converse and communicate with community, albeit being a little explosive from time to time, you pulled one hell of a job. I can't really put to words what you mean for OSBot and this won't change in the future. I have to laugh when I think back to all the endless discussion and fights we had, all because you always wanted the very best for OSBot. Having someone who stands for his opinion is invaluable for a business to keep going forward. The greatest storyies are perhaps about how you and Maldesto were always water and fire. You loved each other and at the same time you could disagree so strongly, that sparks flew everywhere. You always ended up finding a resolution. Another great story is how in Zach you found a great friend and dear mentor, from a spirtitual and emotional level to technical programming levels. It was endearing to see you guys work together, as a group of friends, with OSBot as a common goal. I have seen you grow as a person and as a developer. A remarkable evolution, one that has brought you this job offer that will take you to the next level in life. Alek, you knew the community, the people and understood the larger picture. You knew the bot and put yourlove, time and effort in OSBot, through good and bad times. After all you have been through in real life and the way you have fought to come up on top as a winner, I can say nothing else than that I am really proud of you for achieving what you did. Alek, you are without a doubt the greatest guy and you will be missed sincerely. Although I know your new job forces you to resign your duties, I am sure we have not seen the end you. OSBot will always be here for you to thank you for your contributions and we hope to see you around for a long time in the future. May your new adventures be loving and fruitful, we will miss you. The community and we are greatful for everything you mean and meant for OSBot. Please stay around lurking and trolling on the forums, that's something you can't take away from us! I could ramble on, but really, it boils down to that we love you and feel happiness and sadness at the same time to see you leave. *sheds a tear of joy* Be safe Alek, We will always be here for you. Moving forward. It is going to a tough job to replace Alek, if not impossible. However life goes on and so does OSBot continue to exist. For that we have had a week of internal conversations to discuss how to handle the situation and make sure that OSBot can continue forward. We have compiled a list of actions we will undertake, to assure the community that the future of OSBot is secured and that we'll take our responsibility as a team to replace Alek as good as we can: 1.) New developer. We are in talks with several bot developers and will have a couple of interviews to hire a new bot developer. It is important for us that this person is close to the community or if not, has the ability to build a relationship with the community. Once we have found a developer who we deem to be a match, we will come forward with an announcement. 2.) Bugtracker. MGI and I will take one day of our busy schedules to work on bug fixes and updates. This shall usually be Thursday, as this is also the day that RuneScape often updates their client. For this we will open a bug tracker, which will be read only for the community, but it should give the community and us guidance on what bugs currently exist and are being worked on. Progress will be shared through this bugtracker and we will take reported bugs from the forums to be displayed on the tracker. We hope that with the addition of a new developer, we can optimize the translation of bugs to an understandable bug report format that contains specific instructions on how bugs can be replicated. Our aim is to get all existing bugs as soon as possible. Web Walker, Mirror, Trade API and new features regarding recent RuneScape updates are the main focus, along with stabilizing the updater the break less often (some of the identifiers are 5 years old, it's crazy they didn't break before). Any questions regarding Alek's leave or any responsibilities Alek had in his domain can be forwarded to me through PM for the time being. Once we have a new developer on board, responsibilities will flow back at a sustainable pace towards the new developer where we see fit. I hope this has answered your concerns and informed you enough, if not, please drop me a DM. Yours sincerely, Maxi and the OSBot team
  6. The reason: RS was/is being DDOS'ed.
  7. Should be refixed. Seems like an unintended roll back occurred of the hooks file.
  8. It would help if you can run the jar from the command line and copy paste the output from the console when this happens, you will see some kind of Exception being printed to the command line console. I assume you are on windows, this is how you do it: - Search for cmd.exe and open it. - Type "java -jar " without quotes and then drag your OSBot jar on the cmd.exe window. - Hit enter
  9. Bot is no longer down. Enjoy! Edit by Zach: Switched Stable branch to 2.4.61 from 2.4.59 for updates.
  10. I will post in the announcement section when the client has been updated/patched.
  11. I will post in the announcement section when the client has been updated/patched.
  12. Winners will be announced shortly!
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