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  1. Dear users, Earlier today we experienced issues on our servers that caused multiple services to lag out. The source of the main issue has been identified, but we are further investigating as we suspect there could have been a multi-facetted issue that we have not fully identified yet. Servers seem to be stable again for now. Must any issues arise again, we are here to mitigate them as quickly as possible. Sincerely yours, The OSBot team
  2. Dear community, OSBot 3.0 AI Transition The last two months we have been thinking, conjuring ideas, to improve the OSBot experience for everyone. Scripters, recreational botters and larger scale operators all have their own goals and requirements. Improvements in user experience is defined differently for each party. We have tried to address all angles and came up with a series of improvements that we have started working on. Resources (CPU, memory etc) requirements becoming lower, MirrorMode stability, RuneLite support, server side WebWalking, new UI and UX for the client and website ;
  3. Dear community, It has been a long search and tough decision on who we needed to continue the active development of OSBot. Several candidates were carefully reviewed and the decision was difficult to say the least. We are happy to announce that we think we have found the perfect candidate to follow up on the outstanding work that @Alek has always delivered. Without further ado, I want to present you our new developer: @Patrick A.K.A. Pat-Ji with a selfwritten introduction: The last administrative formalities are currently being taken care of and from here on out we'll be able
  4. I will shortly post an update to announce our new developer. Excited :)!
  5. Dear community, Dear Alek, As some of you may have noticed by now, Alek, our long time beloved developer, has been forced to resign his duties as he will take on a job offer as an engineer at a defense company. We are happy for Alek he was given this opportunity and want to take time to thank him in full for his service to OSBot and we are sad to see him leave. Alek came to OSBot as a script writer, writing unbreakable scripts with the passion of a young lion, eager to learn more. We, as a team, became friends with you, Alek, and you step by step became an undismissable cornerstone of O
  6. The reason: RS was/is being DDOS'ed.
  7. Should be refixed. Seems like an unintended roll back occurred of the hooks file.
  8. It would help if you can run the jar from the command line and copy paste the output from the console when this happens, you will see some kind of Exception being printed to the command line console. I assume you are on windows, this is how you do it: - Search for cmd.exe and open it. - Type "java -jar " without quotes and then drag your OSBot jar on the cmd.exe window. - Hit enter
  9. Bot is no longer down. Enjoy! Edit by Zach: Switched Stable branch to 2.4.61 from 2.4.59 for updates.
  10. I will post in the announcement section when the client has been updated/patched.
  11. I will post in the announcement section when the client has been updated/patched.
  12. Winners will be announced shortly!
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